PlayStation Move: It Only Does Everything

TheSixthAxis has already brought you a hands on write up about some of the games coming out on Sony's PlayStation Move - but now TSA takes you through some of the Move's PS3 XMB functionality, such as Blu-ray control and image browsing.

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Godmars2903206d ago

You know, there's a "Your Mom," joke there, but its - almost - too obvious to mention...

Alos883206d ago ShowReplies(1)
gtamike3206d ago

Sony does do everything :)

4cough3206d ago Show
earbus3206d ago

Is there anyway of re calibrating six axis i now cant plant bombs in k2 or open files in heavy rain i cant progress so annoying planting a charge for half an hour still didnt work gave up gggrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

T9X693206d ago

I don't think so, maybe the six axis is broke? Throw your controller at all lately, lol?

Redempteur3206d ago

isn't there a small hole in the back of your sixaxis for this ?

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The story is too old to be commented.