Ubisoft Confirms New Double Agent Release Date and XBL Demo

Ubisoft confirmed that Splinter Cell: Double Agent has been delayed until October 19th. They also announced that there would be no PC beta of the game but there would be an Xbox Live multiplayer demo.

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STICKzophrenic5391d ago

Maybe my fiance will get it for me that day.

THAMMER15391d ago

I will ask my wife for my copy too.

TheXgamerLive5391d ago (Edited 5391d ago )

I told her it's a Microbiology experiment, lol.
This is really gonna be a great battle between SPLINTER CELL 4 and GEARS of WAR for "game of the year" !!! I've gotta say that Splinter Cell has been my favorite franchise next to KOTOR and the Jedi Academy games, so I'm not going to pass any judgement'a until I've played both for a few day's.

We definately have one hell of a holiday season ahead in gaming!!!
Starting with some great titles this month. I bought a small 20" LCD for my bedroom, so I can play at night before I go to sleep. Fiancee doesn't like that either but she say's "better here playing than out at a bar:))"

Hey, has anyone tried any of the wireless headphones for the XBOX 360, if so, do you recommend them??

Liverpool4ever5391d ago

im 100% sure that SC:DA will be better than GoW, and SC:DA will be game of the year.
Dont ask how I know it, I just know.
I have my sources.

TheMART5391d ago

Well if you have your sources, you don't have to reveal them but just tell why it will be better. Otherwise we can just simply say it's BS talking.

For real. Then I say GoW will be better, because I have my sources. DOn't ask me why.
Bull it is.

Actually when MS puts all efforts in GoW to be big and what we've seen of it, it's massive I expect no other game to be better. Or you just may not like the exact genre of GoW, but that's another story

Liverpool4ever5390d ago

It was suppose to be a funny comment, lol. But obviously you didn't understand that. lol. Taking every post so seriously, eh?

But I still believe it will be better. Atleast for ME!