Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 comparison chart

Effectu have come up with a comparision chart between the three latest consoles in the market - the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS3.

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joemutt5392d ago

Most any fanboy can spit these numbers out off the top of their head. How they compare to each other is the chart we need to see.

DG5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

shows you how little of a diff there is between the systems. As for performance thats unknown even to th devs untill November.

EDIT:Well thats not completly true since the kits are "final".
EDIT:Thats a cool xbox I want one just with a green light.

Shadow Flare5392d ago (Edited 5392d ago )

you know, im not being funny, but when you look at a chart like this, doesnt it show that the ps3 is superior to 360 in nearly every way?

im not being fanboyish at all here, its just the chart really shows the ps3's technical superiority. Even the basic ps3 has better stuff then the premium 360

but we dont know for sure till november

and the wii...oh grief lol

LiquifiedArt5392d ago

but this is nothing we didnt know :)

MadMax5390d ago

I disagree, there will be no difference whatsoever between the 360 and PS3. The only noticeable difference youre gonna get is more space capacity on the PS3. I am hearing alot about the PS3 more than likely will be in last place. Im not favoring one system, I have a PS2 and still play a couple games on it from time to time. Ive been gaming since Atari and know my [email protected] My predictions are the 360 will take over the gaming industry, Wii will be in second place and PS3 will bring up the rear. The PS3 doesnt have much to stand on, Its overpriced and not really many games are going to be available at launch. Theyve even said their main focus isnt gonna be games, its gonna be more of a computer with a blue ray player. [email protected] all that, bad move for sony to go this route. You think games are expensive now, wait till the blu ray games are released. I was one of those fools that bought into the hype when the PS2 was released and was let down. I was a big fan of the Dreamcast and was expecting the PS2 to be superior. Actually whats funny is that the Dreamcast wasnt all hyped out and that system was 100 times better than the PS2. Games were much better for it and you had an awesome line up of games at launch. I didnt realize Peter Moore created the Dreamcast, I think so far Im gonna have to say the 360,Dreamcast,SNES,NES,and Colecovision are the greatest game systems of all time. Nothing against Sony, but Im still waiting to be impressed. Look at the PSP, theres only like a handfull of games for that thing. Yea it looks sleek and can put out some great graphics but thats about it. I remember people paying extreme amounts of money on those things. For what, hype maybe? PS3 is more than likely gonna flop, alot of predictions are saying this is looking like the end of the road for Sony and Im starting to think the same. Wii is going to be great for the simple fact that youll get all of Nintendos past on it. Its about the games, if I wanted a frikin computer Id go buy one. I want killer game systems not what Sony is planning. All the game stores are sayin the same, they think PS3 is gonna flop and arent gettin one. Buy into the hype only if its true!

Bill Nye5392d ago

Great. More fuel for the flamewar.

gnothe15392d ago

all I can say is that the same chart for the ps2 an xbox 1 would have showed that the xbox1 was more advanced, but what happen, ps2 gave the xbox a first round K.O. plus its all about the games, which ps2 has, now the 360 has so PS3 lookout!!

specialguest5391d ago

true that it's all about the games, but just because the PS3 got the power now, doesn't nessesarily mean they're not gonna have games again too.

i'll say this though, the 360 game wise is starting to become a more balanced console, unlike Xbox1.

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