IGN Tackles PSP Phone Rumors

There are few constants in this life. Death. Taxes. Every Depeche Mode album will sound the same as the last one. And rumors that Sony is working on a PlayStation-branded phone.

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Omega Zues3205d ago

"Well, that's the thing -- from my perspective -- this already sounds like it isn't cutting edge. It's going to be as powerful as something between a PSone and a PSP? Uh, no thanks. I love my iPhone" - Greg

The Tool Speaks.

piroh3205d ago

the Greg needs a girl

DERKADER3205d ago

Way to go taking the quote out of context, chopping it in half and turning it into flame bait.

TOO PAWNED3205d ago

greg is married, maybe u need one?

TotalPS3Fanboy3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Gonna need 4G to be able to play any games online without noticable lag.

I am thinking Sony will do two version, one with calling capabilities and one without.

So it'll be PSP2 and PSPhone. PSP2 will be exactly like PSPhone in everyway with the only exception that it can not make phone calls, so you don't have to sign a contract with a cell phone carrier.

hatchimatchi3205d ago

you took his quote out of context.

also, greg has a girlfriend, he's dating kristine steimer who also works at ign. They talk about it on the podcast from time to time.

NinjaAssassin3205d ago

The jab about Depeche Mode albums always sounding the same is pure bullsh!t.

Gambit073205d ago

That IGN fkr needs to be assassinated... Ninja...

N4BmpS3205d ago

I mean there's no concrete information from Sony (well taking into account I did not see or read the engadget report) but there's no haft to the story from what I'm hearing but if Sony is going to attempt a PSP/Smartphone fusion, they really need to put energy to make it pop in the market as always, I'm routing that they'll succeed.

Allowen3205d ago

Bettewn a smartphonesdroid 2 that also plays PSP games with the same game play of a normal PSP it is a win.
I never bothered with a smartphone until now )
4Me this thing is way more interesting then having an iPhone4G expecially bc I already got 20+games bought at the PSN that would work on this droid

Fatal Blow3205d ago

I want a psp 2 not a phone with psp added i have an iphone 4 and to be honest who games on there phone i know i don't do you ?
i have an dsi xl and the fat psp the 3ds is coming soon i will get that for sure but i want a psp 2 with two analog stick that's all i want don't need a brick like phone that needs charging every two hours in between calls now do we lol

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