Halo: Reach's Marketing Campaign Should Be Epic

Most huge game releases have gone hand-in-hand with some extremely expensive marketing pushes. Web advertisements, mass emails, promotional goodies flying everywhere, and of course commercials are all part of the mix. A lot of the time it's all in-game footage, with maybe a few cheeky nerd jokes tossed in there. But Bungie has always done something different, for which they'll always be remembered. Looking back at Halo 3's Believe campaign, it's not hard to wonder why the franchise has such a strong following. It was staggering, beautifully crafted, and leagues beyond the typical gaming advertisements that had come before it.

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ShawnCollier3205d ago

Hopefully these ads help it "reach" around to good sales.

mephman3205d ago

That was a terrible pun. :p

avengers19783205d ago

How about the game should be epic, or the single player campaign being epic, but the marketing campaign being epic does that really matter.

Eskimo Keith3205d ago

It's a shame that the Halo movie has not been made yet, i think that would've been the most extreme marketing push for a video game ever.

electricshadow3205d ago

A shame? No, the movie would suck, just like every other video game adaptation.

lowcarb3205d ago

Actually Tron was epic for its time and Riddick for the original Xbox was really good.

Sanrin3205d ago

It had better be epic!

Anime-Vixen3205d ago

MS marketing team is amazing.
I already see ads on tv about it!
I can't wait to see what they do ♥

lonix3205d ago

Appeals to gays and teenage brats

sack_boi3205d ago

I see what you did there...

omi25p3205d ago

and you appeal to dumb as fanboys like yourself

Pootangpie3205d ago

appeals to anime loving dilweeds

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