New NFS: Carbon Screenies

Take a look at these hot new screenshots of EA's new racing title Need for Speed: Carbon.

NFS:Carbon looks set to be released late this year keep an eye out at N4G for more news on this awesome title....

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JIN KAZAMA5392d ago

Hasnt been good since Hot Pusuit 2.
The rest have just sucked. EA is just a money hugry machine that cranks out more sequals than a friday the 13th movie.

T-Rac5392d ago

I always thought Hot Pursuit 3 was the best of the Hot Pursuits!

JIN KAZAMA5392d ago

it ws hot pursuit 2, then need for speed underground

JIN KAZAMA5392d ago

if thats what you meant.

T-Rac5392d ago


cant quite remember :D

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