NPD: Xbox 360 Soars as Hardware Sales Jump, But Software Sales Dip 8% in July

IndustryGamers has just received the July NPD video game sales data, and as was predicted, software sales were down again, dipping eight percent to $403.3 million. Hardware, however, driven in part by the Xbox 360 slim and price reductions on older 360 models, climbed 12 percent to $313.8 million. As a result, total industry sales were down just one percent in July, reaching $846.5 million. Year-to-date, total game industry sales in the U.S. are now at $7.51 billion, which is behind 2009's pace by eight percent.

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Ziriux3201d ago

Terrible sales, sports games on top ouch.

sunnygrg3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I wonder how long the new 360 S impact will last.

Overall, all sales are down.

Mustang300C20123201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

2 months in a row to beat out the Wii and first month beating the DS is a nice start. With Reach coming out It will continue.

ActionBastard3201d ago

The impact will last as long as older models are available.

*side note* - Crackdown 2 LOL!

Projekt7tuning3201d ago

Flak vest anyone. Get your helmets here. Kevlar Helmets. LOL
SDF vs XBDF. No matter how stupid this is, Its Jihad time!

theKiller3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

2 strong months for 360S!! i guess it still have some life left before the final fall when MOVE come out!! wait, u know what? i changed my mind, i think 360 will not die this generation, they are doing fine but not as good as wii or ps3 because most of their sales come from US while the other make their sales all around the world. any way i think competition is healthy and i dont want 360 to die!! lets make this generation the longest!!

it amazes me how the sale of NCAA Football 2011 on ps3 is so close to 360 even though the install base 3-4 times more for the 360 in US.

NCAA Football 2011 (360) – 368K
NCAA Football 2011 (PS3) – 298.8K

this only means one thing, either half of the 360s are dead in the garage, or user having multiple 360 and so they dont buy 1 for each console they own or half of the 360 are modded/hacked or a mixture of all the mentioned reasons.

of someone disagrees with me please give a reason and an answer to NCAA Football 2011 sales for both consoles.

siyrobbo3201d ago

yoy both the 360 and ps3 are up around 100%

ExplosionSauce3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )


Anyways, time for a snack :P

Projekt7tuning3201d ago

@ theKiller
Maybe more jocks buy the PS3 and Frat boys. Maybe There still trying to catch up with all the other games that came out recently. If you want to go by your logic look at the difference in sales with MW2 or RDR. Lot of 360 sku's moved. So there, Are you happy someone answered you. Nothing is going to change. Sony is going to keep selling the PS3 and MS is going to keep selling the 360 no matter what. So bitch till your vocal cords stretch, nothings going to change.

tinybigman3201d ago

you people are so goddamn one dimensional. if any of you here who love talking sales let me know if you own stock in any of these companies.

DaTruth3201d ago

"Round 853048"


kneon3201d ago

Actually that's not a very important indicator. What you need to watch is whether the software sales show any significant increase over the next few months. If they don't then it would indicate that most 360 slims are just going to existing customers. Microsoft needs to get new customers, not just keep selling to the same customers they already have.

sak5003201d ago


"Actually that's not a very important indicator. What you need to watch is whether the software sales show any significant increase over the next few months."

Gee i wonder why ps fanboys were singing the 120million songs of ps2 and telling everyone that wait and see the ps2 crowd shifting to ps3 and crushing 360. By your logic 120million ps2 owners should have shown the ps2 games selling in the region of 50million at least but we know what happened there din't we. Most pirated gaming console in the last gen and tens of millions of bad dvd issues meant games sales were just averaging few 100k. This din't stop it to be number 1 last gen but yet the software sales suddenly count this gen.

Anon19743201d ago

The 360 does great in the US, so the price cut on the old models and the launch of the 360S were sure to spark sales. There's not doubt this resulted in a boost worldwide as well. The question is, now that the old, cheaper Xbox units are gone and the 360S is the same price as the old units were before the price drop, will the sales boost be sustained or peter out. The last time the 360 received a massive price drop, sales spiked during the holiday season and then saw 4 consecutive quarters of year over year sales declines worldwide.

I really can't see the 360S boosting the 360's fortunes that much in the long run. Now the launch of the 360s and a price cut below what the old 360's were going for would probably kick sales into gear on a more permanent basis.

insomnium3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

"This din't stop it to be number 1 last gen but yet the software sales suddenly count this gen."

Am I reading this correctly? Are you implying that the reason why software sales are so important comes from PS3 fans?

This goes along the same lines as that goo'ol "below 90 in MC is not AAA". Recently I've seen x360 fanboys pretending that they don't know that was the phraze THEY CAME UP WITH to counter the first wave of top PS3 games (uncharted and Ratchet tod). I mean it's SO twisted. WHAT!?

YOU said below 90 in MC is not AAA.
YOU made the sales important after seeing the PS3 wasn't doomed and started selling more than the x360 on monthly basis WW. YOU STARTED THIS AND NOW YOU ARE THE VICTIM WHEN IT BACKFIRES? GTFO!

AngryTypingGuy3201d ago

With Halo: Reach and Kinect coming out, the 360 has a good Fall/Christmas season to look forward to.

It looks like anyone who says anything positive about the success of the 360 has a lot of disagrees for that comment. Some people just can't stand that fact that the 360 is successful for Microsoft and the the days of PS2-like Sony dominance are over. In fact, forget dominance, at this point, Sony would be grateful to be barely winning. Of course, with the ultra-success of the Wii, Nintendo can take just as much credit for taking away Sony's market share.

insomnium3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Halo will help MS but Halo already has 2 iterations released. The impact shouldn't be that big I mean what could possibly be the reason behind that?

The people who will be buying a x360 because of a new Halo are going to be mostly the people who's warranty has run out of their console. Halo 3 did launch about 3 years ago right?

And for the record I can say that PS3 will sell over 100 million in it's lifetime. No matter how much the x360 and Wii sells. That's good for them. Sony however get's their 100 million sales again. It will be their 3rd time in a row. What does you dominance comment mean? You only looking for a way to bash Sony?

NinjaAssassin3201d ago

I've heard lots of fanboys claiming that the sales spike would only last around a month and then go back down, but it turns out they were all wrong. A lot more 360s were sold this month than last month. And with Halo Reach coming out in September and then the holidays coming up right after that I think the 360 will continue to sell extremely well.

kneon3201d ago


When you sell consoles at a loss or for minimal profit then software sales are what matters the most. That goes for Sony just as much as it does for Microsoft. The launch of the PS3 slim was followed by a significant jump in software sales. I never said we wouldn't see the same for the 360s, all I'm saying is that is the number you really want to keep an eye on as that shows new customers are being gained.

And for the record I've never owned a PS2 or a PS1.

Aquanox3201d ago

Xbox 360 443.5K
Nintendo DS 398.4K
Nintendo Wii 253.9K
PS3 214.5K

Wow! The Xbox 360 owned both the DS and Wii.

Even more, the Xbox 360 sales were virtually Wii+PS3 sales combined. The Slim is giving MS a lot of profit. Now let's just wait for Halo, Fable and Kinect.

likedamaster3201d ago

Xbox 360 S 2:1 over PS3 for this month. Nuff said.

insomnium3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

You do know that in the latest 2 weeks in Japan the PS3 sold 61k consoles more? Should end up somwhere around 100k more in one month. It really takes the edge away from what you just said doesn't it?

frostypants3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

The new 360 is making them money indeed, but it's primarily sales to existing 360 owners, I'd wager. Gamestop even had a trade-in promotion. Sales <> user base.

Anyways, I'm gonna go play MW2 on Live, then Demons Souls on PSN while you chumps are arguing.

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Droid Smasha3201d ago

its even outselling the Wii. MS knew what it was doing all along and has the fall all wrapped up.

Nothing can stop the momentum of Halo and Kinect

Homicide3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Oh yeah Reach is coming out next month. 360 sales are going to soar when the game is out.

Halo: it's not just a game. It's a culture phenomenon.

Edit: gif time :D

Trebius3201d ago Show
sak5003201d ago


Even funnier than your jpg. LOL
You deserve more bubbles mate.. + bubbs

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Blaze9293201d ago

Xbox 360 is doing quite well! Impressive

Hallmark Moment3201d ago

You're lucky is you have a Slim because all the shops and stores where I live get a stockpile of them in and they sell out in a day or two tops. Every time I get some cash they are out and when I spend it when something comes up they get them in for a short while. MY local GS pal says he gets phone calls all day looking for 360 Slims

NinjaAssassin3201d ago

Hell yeah it's doing impressive sales. It actually sold almost as much as the PS3 and Wii combined.

hakis863201d ago

are the ones buying the 360 slim already owners of an older 360, or are they all new owners?
And are these actual sales numbers or shipped units?
I still have my 360 without HDMI(!) and I'm not buying a new one because it's a bit slimmer and shiny.
Good for Microsoft though, I guess.

Greywulf3201d ago Show
theIMP3201d ago

Does it really matter if it's new customers or not? I mean a sale is a sale. You Really don't get why they are selling? They are selling the same reason all redesigned consoles's new and improved. I also think it has a lot to do with the older models being phased out to make room, they are really cheap now.

siyrobbo3201d ago

because console owners are only interested in NCAA Football

gamingdroid3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )


Did you consider that game type preferences might determine what game is sold most on what platform?

What about Crackdown 2, Red Dead Redemption and Modern Warfare 2 that is in the top 10? What other PS3 game is in the top 10 this month? Can't find any? Really? Does that mean the PS3 owners don't buy games? Of course not!

By the way, here is your counter-evidence: "Xbox 360 Version of Black Ops Prestige Edition Trouncing PS3 Version in Sales"

I'm sure I can find a lot more to support either case so let it be okay? It will be a much nicer place here when people stop being a fanboy.

People are seriously drawing whatever conclusion fits their agenda.

The Maxx3201d ago

@ Gryewulf

"Nope, its the same 360 owners buying 360's again. Evidence?"

Just like all the Fat PS3 owners are the only ones buying PS3 Slims...

Greywulf your rational is truly pathetic.

n4gno3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Microsoft = shipped (nintendo, sony = sold)but it's not a big difference, shipped, is really close to sold.

the momentum will finish soon, the most interested by xbox slim are xbox owner, everyone else want a better hardware, games, motion controler, 3D, and bluray for the same price.

by the way, who can say n4G it's a ps3 fanboyz sites, when you see that kind of agree and disagree, i know that xbox fanboyz have multiple accounts, and are really interested by sales (only us :)), but common, it's more than 5 to 1 here agreeing with bullcraps, disagreeing with some facts.
It's sad to see dumb gamers happy for sales, when thay don't have any good exclusives since 2 years, when they have to pay for playing online, have to pay hard to change HD, they have to pay the new eye toy 4 time the price, when they have to deal with rrod, etc, it"s like a sect, not a community of gamers.

edit : to the misinformed bellow, ps3 = 4 millions consoles more than microsoft last year.

[email protected] multiples accounts, lying, and saying stupid thing like "i really can't think of one time the sony fanboys on n4g have actually been "right" about anything" when bluray is doomed, ps3 is doomed, natal is the future, killzone 2 graphics can't exist, xbox would tale all the exclusives to sony, xbox sell more games, etc etc : you are always wrong xfanboyz, always ! it's just a fact, even the worst sony fanboyz can beat the average xfanboy, living in dreamland.

hakis863200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

I see your point, sales are sales.

In short It just seems as though people really believe it's a new Xbox (Xbox 360S - compare it to iPhone 3G vs iPhone 3GS, where S was for Speed(?), and it indeed had better specs - faster CPU and more ram). Maybe they are confused by the "S" - thinking it's an actual hardware upgrade?

The 'new' Xbox to me is just the same as the ones on sale last year, only that it is a bit smailler (hardly SLIM), black and nice looking, and supposedly has less heat problems. And since I see a lot of gamers writing "daaaang i'm getting the new one!" it just feels slightly ridiculous.

But yeah, maybe you're right; maybe prices on the "old" 360 are being dumped so that's why people decide to pick one up... makes sense actually.

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knightdarkbox3201d ago

So, I'm guessing that the PS3 beating the 360 in sales was just a 3 month stint, eh?

What ever happened to the "rise of the PS3"?

NecrumSlavery3201d ago

Sony has been the lead platform for 100,000 IPs created over the past 16 years. Why is it that you worship MS? Just wondering. It seems that before Microsoft started in the console race, there weren't any fanboys like today. But since some of the biggest fanboys are MS employees they have really started a cult of sheep. It's sick. Childesh hate for what? And to praise a company that has only a handful of IPs. 90% of everything MS has is bought. Money to monopolize the industry. MS does not care about the industry, they are only about money. You can love their system, but know who you are slobbering on.

IdleLeeSiuLung3201d ago

"And to praise a company that has only a handful of IPs. 90% of everything MS has is bought."

Are you saying that Sony didn't spend money to acquire their studios? They just assemble a team and promised them heaven. No money was involved at all. It was God's gift to man courtesy of Sony!

You sound like a bitter fanboi.

NegativeCreepWA3201d ago

I know according the fanboys on this site the PS3 was supposed to be leaving the 360 behind 2 years ago. Oh, and we would be playing the so called 720 already.

bustamove3201d ago

So 369 fanboys should be the ones that act childish first, going by your logic?

This is nothing to jump around about. The year isn't over yet.

NegativeCreepWA3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

How did you come up with all that from my comment?

I was just saying the 360 is still selling strong when people said it would be dead by now and that MS hasn't released a new console in 2010 like people said they would. If you've been around as long as I have you would know what I'm talking about.

By the the way who was acting childish or jumping up and down? And what does right now have to do with the end of the year? I've been hearing that one for 4 years now and nothing has changed.

People should just face that fact that both consoles are great and neither is going to come out of this gen crushing the other. Unless you count the Wii.

If you want to see childish go read the comments in that Turn 10 article.

Lyr1c3201d ago

This is ridiculous.

If anyone says "This site is nothing but PS3 fanboys. Just look at the agrees!" again, I'm going to shoot something.

Seriously. This is just as bad as the PS3 fanboys if not worse. You're doing exactly what they are, while being hypocritical about it.

C'mon now people. Grow up.

NinjaAssassin3201d ago


What's your point? I see a 360 fan answered immediately by a couple rabid PS3 fanboys. The PS3 fanboy said much more idiotic and hateful things than the 360 fanboy. The 360 fan was just commenting in response to how many times we have been told by PS3 fanboys that the 360 is dying and that the PS3 was going to demolish it in sales. The PS3 fan then went off on a tirade saying a bunch of biased nonsense.

Sony BOUGHT all of those studios, they didn't just join up with Sony for charity. If Microsoft bought more studios you guys would just be bitching about that and you know it. They can't win. Your hatred is irrational and that is why you are so self-contradictory. You're a liar on top of that. Sony has not created anywhere close to 100,000 new IPs. In fact, I could count on two hands the Sony created IPs that really matter to me.

Oh and there have always been fanboys. I've been playing games since the beginning and there have always been fanboys. With the rise of the internet it has become a lot more visible, but it has always been there. Your attempts to blame fanboyism on Microsoft or 360 fanboys is laughably absurd.

Finally, if you think Sony is perfect or any better than Microsoft you need to go do some research. Neither company is perfect, but neither company is a monster the way you want to make Microsoft out to be. You hate them because you are a Playstation fanboy and you are angry that they are a competitor to Sony in the game industry. That's all it is.

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hazeblaze3201d ago

The PS3 is my fav console, so I'm not a 360 fanboy... but those sales are pretty remarkable for the month after the redesign... doesn't look like they're on the verge of flattening out. And with Halo Reach around the corner (no matter what you think about the game)... I think Microsoft has won the momentum for the rest of the year. In terms of games, I think Sony has the momentum going into the new year... but that's too little, too late so far as sales go.

niceguywii603201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

I knew the 360 would outsell the Wii again. 360 will outsell Wii in AUG and SEP come in second in OCT and Win in NOV/DEC/JAN. I predicted close to 400,000 or just over a week ago and I will do the same for AUG but will raise the amount to close to 500,000 for SEP. Kinect will sell close to 800,000 360's a month in the US alone this holiday.

Dlacy13g3201d ago

"Sports games on top ouch" really? You really just complained about sports games being on top? Maybe you dont like sports...fine.. so be it. But most of the world actually does enjoy sports of one kind or another. It so happens that in the N. America, American Football college or pro tend to be popular. Sorry you are bent about "sports games"... I guess you will be disappointed by August too when Madden rolls out and crushes all in sales.

otherZinc3201d ago

wrongfully said "the PS3 will catch the 360 this year or next year. How the hell are they going to do that?
Getting BLOWN-OUT like this?

Trebius3200d ago

People are upgrading to the Slim, no one decided to just get a 360 right now after all these years.

All of these 360s out in the US and the software sales are still garbage.

M$ is obviously counting old RROD/E47 models, and non-shipped systems as sold.

theEx1Le3200d ago (Edited 3200d ago )

Your logic is totally flawed, because based on your logic why would one just decide to go buy a ps3 after all these years? And don't give me your excuse about exclusives and blu ray and what not, because in the end these usually mean little to the casual consumer(most times all that matter is the price). See I don't usually get involved in these things, because these topic "discussions" usually end up full of hate and immaturity, but your reasoning was so wrong that I just couldn't help myself.

otherZinc3200d ago

What happened to that SONY momentum that was to propel the PS3 past the 360 this year or early next year?

Consoldtobots3200d ago

lol looks like we need to break out the raincoats in here, the xbox fanboy jerkfest is at a fever pitch. slowdown kids or you'll end up blind.

play games not sales.

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solar3201d ago

same ol story. 360 outsells Ps3 in america, the only region that matters since the rest of the world is PC dominate.

edhe3201d ago

PC doesn't count in a console race.


It's like watching an F1 race only to have a jetfighter pop in to take the trophy o_O.

diatom3201d ago

Ummm... Pretty sure PC's outsell the 360 in the US too.

dkgshiz3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

A disagree for wondering where Starcraft 2 is? Ah.......K?

3201d ago
diatom3201d ago

One disagree, seven accounts.

Omega43201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

PSP is dead seriously, not even 100K. And PS3 demand is shrinking now that the slim effect is gone.

As for the 360 just imagine Aug when the $199 releases. Then Sept with Reach and the bundle.

The gap will likely grow to 7ml by year end with Kinect coming.

Will be big but not a huge system seller since there are over 4ml GT PS3 owners already from GT5P. I will sell 500K units max in EU and thats not a lot.

If Kinect takes off it can.

Gears 3 says hi. And by the time the PS3 reaches $199 it will be too late.

moegooner883201d ago

Gran Turismo 5, enough said !

ShinMaster3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Gran Turismo 5
LittleBigPlanet 2
Killzone 3
The Last Guardian

Are all big hitters.

Too late for what? PS3 will continue to sell no matter what.

Wakka_3201d ago

LOL @ Last Guardian. Ico games are niche. It will not help boost PS3 sales.

Solotov3201d ago

LOL @ ShinGino, Killzone 3 is not even coming out this year

ActionBastard3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Puff, puff, pass man. You've smoked it all.

Gears 3, Fable 3 and...

edhe3201d ago

Same could be said for the ps3 - killzone, LBP, GT5... and?

Hopefully Sony are bring out something secret before christmas because they're going to get absolutely trounced with it's current line up.

Sitris3201d ago

How the hell did you list Gran Turismo 5 and think sony is going to get trounced. Never heard of the continent Europe? They are CRAZY over that game, you can think US is all that matters, but you are wrong.
@Omega, saying that 4 million people bought a PS3 for prologue also aplies to people have already bought a 360 for Halo 3....your logic fails. Comparing a game like GT5P to a full game is the same as ODST to Halo 3, see the difference in sales?

DuneBuggy3201d ago

Hey I love my 360S (actually contributed to that July number), but theres NO WAY the 360 will be 7 million up on the PS3 by year end. Thats as dilusional as the people last year claiming the PS3 slim would overtake the 360 WW by the end of 09'.

As for the PSP, I hope rumors are true about a Android phone colaboration. That would make it a very strong player.