Microsoft's Xbox 360 leads U.S. market for second straight month

Microsoft's Xbox 360 topped both the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii in U.S. unit sales in July, riding the momentum of its revamped hardware to take the crown for the second straight month, according to data to be released today by the NPD Group market research firm.

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Omega45029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

WOW 443,000 for 360, thats HUGE for July.

Wii is not even close let alone PS3

Gap continues to grow...

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MariaHelFutura5029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

Good for the 360, although I don`t think it`ll last much longer. Maybe another 3-4 months, but in all reality who cares either way.

sak5005029d ago

Yes sure we have been hearing it since Nov 2006. Come 2012 when next xbox will be launched you'll still be singing the same song, just wait.

DigitalRaptor5029d ago

PS3 will outsell the 360 worldwide, in its lifetime.

Whether or not MS release their next console, makes no difference.

Foliage5028d ago

even after the next RROD-box is released. The PS3 would still have a year to a year and a half to catch up to it in sales. since it was released that far after. The PS3 is already outselling it, without this difference in release dates, even the bots wouldn't be blind to this fact. Heck at release 360 was 8 million ahead, not it's just over 3 million... yikes.

DigitalRaptor5026d ago

Proof there that PS3 is selling better than Xbox 360 and always has done:

even with Microsoft counting shipped units and Sony counting sold,

and even factoring in the sheer number of re-purchases that the Xbox 360 fanbase have contributed to.

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siyrobbo5029d ago

360 seems to be selling like hotcakes (apart from in japan)

My local asda superstore is completely sold out of all units, and my local tesco's havent got any either

theafroman5029d ago

actually the gap keeps decreasing they use to lead worldwide by 5 mill last year now its 3.6 mill

silvacrest5029d ago

even you must realize sony wanted to push new expensive tech onto the PS3, they could have used a DVD drive, they didn't have to make a hard drive standard but they did at their own expense to further push what their console can do and i for one am greatful for their efforts

if you refuse to take the more then 1 year head start into account consider the above

gamingdroid5029d ago

That is surprisingly good numbers especially as Xbox 360 doubled Wii's number and beat DS by 10% (40k+) units in one of the years slowest months.

PS3 didn't do too bad, almost matched Wii's number and a significant increase from last year.

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niceguywii605029d ago

I bet 360 sales will get close to a million a month this holiday(700,000-800,000)just in NA.

KratosGod35029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

I think u are the son of Bill Gates!!!
yes u are. I'm sure about it.

Jaces5028d ago

U.S. Go figure, what about worldwide though? That I'm curious.

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Focker-4205029d ago

First off sales dont matter. Even if they did WORLDWIDE sales would be the important ones.

RememberThe3575029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

443k for a 360 is amazing. It's only July they're talking about and there was no software to push the console. The 360 is going to do well in the US this year with Kinect, us Americans are suckers for over priced crap. I gotta hand it to them though, they seem to be advertising to the right demographic. I just saw a Macy's ad featuring Kinect and it was so bad you know people are gonna buy it.

Cevapi885029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

wait wait...you guys are saying nothing huge happened in july....E3 wasnt huge in june?...the announcement of the 360S wasnt huge for MS...the numbers are good, but saying nothing happened in that month is wrong IMO

deadreckoning6665029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

If thats the case, then why doesn't Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft give us free consoles as gratitude for buying their products for the past two decades?

Btw, those 360 numbers are IMPRESSIVE...especially considering that nothing huge happened as far as the 360 was concerned.

"FUCK! This pisses me off so much. Microsoft doesn't deserve any of this! Sony is entitled to all the glories and laurels of the hard battles it has fought."


big_silky5029d ago

Yes and no. A console doing well worldwide helps the company, not me. Great numbers in Zimbabwe doesn't help me when it comes to which games and developers support the console in my home country.

Imperator5029d ago

There's no denying that the 360 did well, but that was expected. NA is it's strongest area, and it just had a recent remodel. Expect August results to be the same since the 4GB Arcade just launched.

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big_silky5029d ago

Almost half a million? No matter how you slice it that's pretty impressive. I honestly didn't think it would have that kind of impact and this doesn't even include the new arcade yet.

Good numbers for PS3, they got a nice solid boost.

I don't own a wii so I haven't been following their numbers enough to tell how it's doing.

All companies should feel confident, they'll all be going into the holidays with a significantly increased user base.

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Ivan Drago IV5029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

You 360 fanboys blow your load, any gain the 360 has in the us is completely wiped out by japan where the ps3 outsells the 360 by 125,000 a month

JOLLY15029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

215,000 (this months numbers) plus 125,000 still only equals 340,000....that's just math.

@ below...I don't have to it's right

PandemicPrawn05029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

I was repying to Mr Drago's post.

Jolly, your numbers ar spot on, going with the numbers he has quoted.

PandemicPrawn05029d ago

Try reading the numbers in the article and re-do your math.

maniacmayhem5029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

Japan is not the world...

I love when the fanboys say that!

By the way why would it matter that the 360 doesn't do well in Japan? USA is the number one consumer nation in the world. But i bet a commie like you wouldn't understand that even though i thought Rocky taught you this at the end of your match!



Chris3995029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

But on account of communism their trade is restricted.

The rest of your comment is just insulting to anyone with intelligence (including sensible Americans).

Edit: Disagreeing doesn't change the facts.

Focker-4205029d ago (Edited 5029d ago )

Can you imagine if game consoles weren't banned in China?!

Dear god!!!