id Tech 5 Only for Bethesda Titles

id Software boss Todd Hollenshead has told Eurogamer that id Tech 5 will not be licensed out to third party developers and publishers.

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2FootYard3208d ago

I would love to see an Elder Scrolls game rendered with this lovely engine. It should be shared with other developers though.

NecrumSlavery3208d ago

I am happy to hope now that Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls V will be huge and very very very gorgeous.

JsonHenry3208d ago

D'oh! I was hoping this was gonna replace that damn Unreal Engine for a few years at least. :(

avengers19783208d ago

They should share the goodness with others...
so much could be done the gaming world would instantly get better.

palaeomerus3208d ago

I guess they want out of the middleware contract support business. Also remember how a bunch of devs sued Epic over Unreal 3? They might want to avoid anything like that.

RememberThe3573208d ago

They want to keep it in the family. Rage looks beautiful and I can't wait to see what else this engine can do.

CrzyFooL3208d ago

hahaha, the rest of the world will have to keep developing games on Unreal tech. Except Volition who built their own engine for Red Faction!! And 2k who have that sweet Illusion engine for Mafia II!! And CDProjekt who made that ridiculous engine for The Witcher 2!! But other than that . . .

The Lazy One3208d ago

or cryengine... Ubisoft uses their own highly modified unreal engine too. LucasArts I think uses their own as well.

TheColbertinator3208d ago

Bioware will use Eclipse,Sony has their own proprietary engines,Sega has CANVAS,Rockstar has RAGE,Crytek will use CRYEngine 3,and Square Enix has Crystal Tools

Galaxia3208d ago

And Battlefield has Frostbite, Capcom has MT Frameworks and so on. There are tons of other engines out there, or devs can make their own too.

I wonder what Sony's proprietary engines are called.

TheColbertinator3208d ago

Crap.I wanted to see 2K and EA use the id Tech 5 engine as well.I'm not too happy with this decision

Cajun Chicken3208d ago

Very obvious. I knew this was going to become inhouse.

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The story is too old to be commented.