New PS3 Blu-ray 304R Drive Confirmed as Working on a PC

PS3News: "A few weeks back we first reported news of a PS3 Blu-ray 302R drive being successfully connected to a PC by DemonHades and examined by JaicraB, and today Team Hades reports that Calimba has managed to do it with a newer PlayStation 3 Blu-ray 304R drive as well."

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3207d ago
militant073206d ago

my vaio has bluray R/W ,its broken now

but the warrenty will fix it for free

trancefreak3206d ago

I bought the sony vaio vpcf1190x a few months ago and it in a fed x box on its way to San Diego. I love the laptop but my i link port wont stream realtime audio video.

haven't had trouble with the blu ray player its actually been decent

militant073206d ago

mine broke around 1 month later, but i didnt want to fix it until warrenty close to end because.
i upgraed to 7 and they'll force me to downgrade to vista

and i have to upgrade and do everthing all over again.

Non_sequitur3206d ago

They don't mess with software when there's a hardware problem. My sister upgraded to 7 and was never set back to vista when she had to get her HP repaired.

KillerPwned3206d ago

Honestly people are probably gonna disagree with me but i cant wait to see what the ps3 can really do once someone out their unlocks the power is has. Think about it its interesting i would love to get to know the artictiure of the console and other cool things about it.

mushroomwig3206d ago

They're called game devolopers, you think the average hacker will be able to "unlock the power"?

user8586213206d ago

"Unlock The Power" = Illegal games....

TOO PAWNED3206d ago

If i could i would ban use of "unlock the power"

Raendom3206d ago

Homebrew apps SUCK BALLS. Only reason to hack a PSP is to pirate games... and doing so is ruining the industry. So fuck off.

wicko3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I've hacked my PSP, but I've also bought all my PSP games. I play my old PSX games on the go. I will agree that most people hack their PSP to play pirated games though.

Hell, I've even bought the PS Classics games I already own the physical copy of, on PSN. But I have a lot of games that aren't on PSN and I also enjoy playing undubbed games.

turok3206d ago

U obviously never used homebrew apps before eh noob?

n4gno3206d ago

hacking : First you sell less games, but you sell much more hardware, then, you sell more games !

ps1, ps2 prove that.

KillerPwned3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Yeah i figured everyone would take into account that i am reffering to hacking and homebrew but i am not just exploreing the console and seeing what it has. I dont have any reason to ever hack. Its cool tho

You can explore something such as a console and not have any means to hack it. Also by all this i mean by i am in college for gaming development and i think it be cool to look into the ps3 and see the kind of power it has rather then just see it threw games.

Thanks Baka for understanding maybe i said it a little wrong by saying unlocking power. But in all means i just mean by exploring something and seeing how developers do it by no means of hacking homebrew or any of that.

Baka-akaB3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

what power do you want to unleash that way besides the power of game piracy ?

I kinda understand it for some stuff like psp and ds ... kinda turning them handheld consoles into smartphones ... but home consoles ?

given the amount of stuff both the 360 and ps3 already do , aside from reading mkv wich you can easily stream .... i very much doubt the so called benefits of homebrews on this one.

sorceror1713206d ago

I fixed a friend's 360, whose DVD drive had died, by getting a working Xbox DVD drive and flashing it so it'd work in his console. Cost a whole lot less than out-of-warranty service by MS. It'd be nice if I could do that with a PS3...

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