NBA 2K11 Pre-Order Bonus

2K Sports announced today the incentive for pre-ordering NBA 2K11 at the participating GameStop stores across North America.

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Simon_Brezhnev3204d ago

lol if u read it quick u think they will really give u a real basketball jersey instead of in playstation home.

ShadyDevil3204d ago

This is one Basketball game I am looking forward too. I mean c'mon, His airness? I mean even hes only doing it for money. What will NBA Elite have to compete?!

MightyMark4273204d ago

The last NBA game that Ive played was back in 2001... and that was on the PS1. Maybe I should try to go back and play this one when it comes out

easto1a3204d ago

this game needs more than pre order bonus to get my money :\