XBL Gets It's Mouth Washed Out With Soap

Another article telling the world about the various profanities seen in the world of Xbox Live.

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TheMART5396d ago

Is this article written by someone who is a strong believer in god or something like that?

Cursing a bit like f*ck and sh*t is the end of the world? What the f*ck man I have no idea if you get paid for writing articles like this but it isn't worth sh*t. Go c*cks*ck yourself you m*therf*cking d*psh*t!

Thanks for posting this article I just needed to say these things because on XBL it isn't accepted :) Live is the best thing ever, cursing is also in everyday life so why should it totally be banned with online gaming?

I guess in Viva Piniata cursing won't be there. If a kid plays Halo 2 killing others, I guess cursing isn't the baddest thing that is going on in the game, right?

Optimus Prime5396d ago

yea i have to agree, but ignorant kids on live to get annoying cursing all the time. they just use the word as a word, they dont know the meaning or ne thing. but it is kinda funny a kid that is swearing all the time, but his voice is higher than a girls.

Cyclonus5396d ago

If you don't like it, M U T E it.


Yomaster5395d ago

I've had Xbox Live since 2002, and what you said is my constant advise to the ignorants on the Forums. Amen.

ronin_oni5396d ago

Let's all hope that parents won't buy the ps3 for their e-gangster prepubescents due to the $600 price tag, leaving only mature minded individuals with the ability to communicate. I myself have grown tired of the 'F' word, so I usually throw in a substitute word for it and other obscenities, it really makes for confused gamers.