Monday Night Combat Xbox 360 Review (ZTGD)

Scorched Angel Writes: Class based shooters are certainly on the rise these days and Uber Entertainment's new game, Monday Night Combat, attempts to run headfirst into the genre while trying a fresh take on what makes these kind of games fun, and I believe that they definitely succeed. This gameshow from the future themed shooter is fun, addictive, and certainly deserves a place on your hard drive to play in the coming months.

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Thoreau3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

psn store does not compete with xbl arcade... psn store offers some good titles, but being able to play zeno clash and neo geo battle on xbl offers an experience of games that is not on the psn store.

Dread3205d ago

oh boy your gonna get it form the SDF..


MajestieBeast3205d ago

Yeah keep spouting bullshit.

BX813205d ago

@ Thoreau I have to agree.

SilentNegotiator3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I liked this title when it was called Team Fortress 2 and they weren't wearing space suits.

LOL, the Heavy class on the Blue team looked almost exactly like the Heavy in TF2.

wwm0nkey3205d ago

Yeah your an idiot, it plays more like DOTA but looks like TF2.

ChronoJoe3205d ago

Looks pretty cool.

If this was on PS3, it's something I'd buy. But I don't want to pay for live when I have PSNs service, free, so... does look pretty sweet though.