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GameInformer: "Alongside all the cool action in the demo, a couple things raised some interesting questions. In a few places, we noticed a stranger blue shimmer on a banner or a painting that seemed to change text and images, but it's unclear exactly what's going on there. Also, what is the mechanical creature that attacked on the bridge, or the one that landed on the building at the very end? Irrational isn't addressing these points yet, but despite the unanswered questions, the demo looked polished and exciting. BioShock Infinite just shot to the top of our "most anticipated games" list."

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Acquiescence3209d ago

This fuckin' game came out of nowhere.

BuIIetproofish_3209d ago

Just a gameplay demonstration, probably not even real time.

Shamuz3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Shame it's releasing in 2012 tho, long wait.

AliTheBrit193209d ago

BioShock has been a fantastic series, I enjoyed the second one just as much as the first.

And I'm sure this will be another great game, really interesting setting, I love the little fish tank trick at the start of the trailer xD

FuckinUsername3209d ago

I don't know what to think of this?

Its total opposite of the other bioshocks

Syaz13209d ago

earlier on i made a comment on how i preferred a new game over another bioshock game. i'm so dead wrong, since i actually want bioshock infinite now, and i wasn't even into the first bioshock game that much.

MiltonZep3209d ago

...and it's more fluid than BS1 , consider me interested.