Your Heroes Should Die

Nick Dinicola writes: "I think Carmine should die, as well as Marcus, Dom, Baird, and Cole. If this game is truly the end of “this story,” as Epic has claimed, then why not slaughter the entire cast in a glorious Alamo-like last stand?"

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Raoh3205d ago

i absolutely loved the resistance and heavenly sword story lines.. and when they killed nariko and nathan hale.. i thought it was brilliant.. not because i hated the characters, i absolutlely loved them, but their death brought strength to the actual story behind the heroes.. the heavenly sword's curse suddenly became real and not just a gimmick, nathan hale was shown as such a small portion of the resistance story when you add the viral videos and his death.. the threat is real.

heroes should die more often, you can always bring them back in side stories and expansion backs in a retelling of their adventures pre death..