We'll own Xmas, blasts Microsoft's McGill

Microsoft have today claimed that this years Xmas will be an Xboxmas (nice play on words, wasn't it)

UK Xbox marketing guy Stephen McGill has reiterated the fact that everyone will be talking about 360 this Christmas and not the new PS3 and Wii.

What do you think ?

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DG5396d ago

STFU...yeah and sony is arrogant. Not to flame but this pissed me off as a 360 owner and a ps3 fan.

JIN KAZAMA5396d ago

The 360 is OLD news, its was last year. GoW is not gonna save the 360. The hot ticket item is going to be the PS3. Come on people, we all know this. And before someone says about posting on a 360 article, realise that they are tlaking about going directly against the PS3 and Wii.

The BS Police5396d ago

The PS3 is going to have major launch problems with the PS3 this holiday season with bugs.and glitches making some systems breakdown and of course major shortages.

The XBOX 360 did have the best E3 show compared to Sony's lame E3 press conference.

There is no doubt that the PS3 will make big news this Holiday season but the diffirence is the XBOX 360 will be able to live up to demand.

DG5396d ago (Edited 5396d ago )

almost none of those showing are showing up before christmas. Battleing out the PS3 this holliday I can see that because of shortages but factoring in the Wii and DS, MS is lucky to get 1/3 of the Christmas spendings especially with only one real killer app. That comment was not called for honestly (by MS).

TheMART5396d ago

One real killer app? Besides GoW there's Forza 2 and Viva Piniata as big guns. What games does Sony have to compete? Genji 2??? That motorstorm that by far doesn't look like the CGI from E3 2005?

JIN KAZAMA5396d ago

Will be a big hit, a very big HIT, among the 360 FANS and owners. But, it will not Stop people from buy the PS3, because its hardware which will be the big ticket item on the XMAS list, not software. Also, by xmas, PS3 will have some sweet games. This does not affect the PS3 sales at all. 360 hardware will come in third this season, its old news now.

Marriot VP5396d ago

who said it was gonna stop people from buying a ps3?? The original fanboys to buy a launch console won't be stopped short of a hurricane so what's your point.

It's 2007 and 2008 that'll determine how well the price does among the common folk....not you.

Lucidmantra5395d ago

It will be hard for Sony to divvy out 2 million units over the holiday season to beat the 360. THAT is worldwide accourding to their E3 06 presentation. 2 million units in the inital launch window. With 360 approaching 5-6 million users. Personally to me it doesn't matter but 360 does have alot more than GOW up its sleeve. Sony hasn't even annnounced final hardware sprecs, game lineup, availability on a region level. I am just saying that going up against a second gen title like GOW and FORZA 2 with no Gran Turismo is bad. Carbon will not hold a candle to Forza... GT and Forza are on a different level than every other auto racing game. WIth Test Drive about to take over N4S 3rd spot with online play and the things Unlimited will have. all this 360 vs. PS3 will die down in a year and a half and it cant happen soon enough for me I am tired of it.

Islandkiwi5396d ago

He's not listing one game, he listed a number of games. Regardless of which system you think is the best, you have to agree that the Wii and the PS3 will not be available in stores. They will sell out, there will be shortages.

The 360 will not have this problem and will have the benefit of being able to provide a great gaming experience over the holidays.

I mean, hate the console if you must, but you've got to admit MS is in a very nice position.

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