Play2Compete StarCraft II - Review

Play2Compete's Mark Simpson writes: 'The story itself follows on from the events that occurred in the "Brood War" expansion to the original Starcraft, and will keep you glued to your seat from the opening cinematic right through to the closing credits, spinning an epic science fiction yarn in the process, that comes tantalisingly close to matching the majesty of "Mass Effect" in it's dizzying ambition. The opening cutscene shows one "Tychos Findlay" being convicted and sentenced for unspeakable crimes to mankind, his prison however isn't a 6x6 feet cell in the conventional sense, as we bear witness to him being sealed inside a colossal exo-skeleton of armour. Tychos is merely one of the more unstable crew members our fellow outlaw and main protaganist "Jim Raynor", bumps into on his travels around the galaxy, and the oft fractured relationship between the pair proves effective in drawing the player in, even if some of the one-liners exchanged via dialogue do come across as being rat...

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