Is There a Lack of Communication and Teamwork in Online Console Gaming?

DualShockers writes,"One of my biggest pet peeves while playing online games is the lack of communication and teamwork that happens between players. I don’t know if this is only something that happens to me or what, but it just feels like the communication between teammates is non-existent. Now, I can only speak from my own experiences while playing PlayStation 3 online, since that is the system that I mostly play online with. But, whether in a party with friends, or even just in a match by myself, I tend to see that no one is communicating on what is going on within the game. Come on, people. It’s not that difficult to tell your teammates, “Hey, you have a guy coming up to your right. Stab that fool!” Maybe it is that hard for some? Or maybe people just don’t care. But, how about we go ahead and take a trip down that road anyway, shall we?"

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sankthetank423209d ago

definitely not. there are lots of games that require teamwork. halo, cod, lots of war/shooting games

Hitman07693209d ago

Yeah there are lots of games that require it , but how many actually have it going on?

This makes sense, and yet still, calling out enemies and objectives is still not that hard if the entire team can maintain focus. When I play with our Deputy Editor Joel he is able to organize the entire game whether it be Uncharted 2 or Modern Warfare 2, once people listen to this kind of tactics, then strategy can begin to form. But if you have neither you have to start somewhere. Unfortunately many games are not entirely clan-friendly and only allow a small number of players in the game at once.

If you say sniper is on a roof and you are in a 4 man squad such as Battlefield 2’s, you should all be looking or around the same roof or there is something wrong in the first place.

thevokillist3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

There are many team-based games out there, thats not topic of the article though. Its about the lack of communication and teamwork in those games from players. The majority of players I come across on the PS3 just don't use their mics, which makes it pretty hard for the rest of the team to work properly together. Calling out enemies you see should come natural to help the team work as one. The more communication, the better your chances of winning that round or match would be.

deadreckoning6663209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

Yes! And its a bigger deal than people would think. In team based games..the amount of fun I have largely depends on the skill of other people. We've all had those times when were the BEST player on a team and everyone else doesn't know what the hell their doing. Bad Company 2 is a perfect example.

Dramscus3209d ago

Mag. It doesn't just suggest teamwork. it's TEAMWORK OR FAIL.

nnotdead3209d ago

true, but if you play by yourself there will be a lot of fail.

i was going to say, get MAG and join a clan. im sure with most shooter clans help with the team work.

Raendom3209d ago

CoD? Requires teamwork? Go to YouTube mate because every person playing that game is more focused on their prestige/montage video.

Baka-akaB3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )


Those are team based games , but it means little . In those games , unless you go with people you knows , or experienced clans/guilds , you'll see an unsuferable amount of lone rangers and suicide kings .

Hell in the typical cod match , even in the good one (mw1 namely) , you see more people focused on their personal scores ans ratios , than helping the team .
Victory is then only determined by the level of skills between individual of both teams

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Chadness3209d ago

Typically, unless it is a group of friends or a clan, the entire team isn't working together. Sure they can accomplish stuff, but there always seems to be one crazy person who wants to do his own thing.

That's part of the reason I don't play online multiplayer unless it's with friends.

Ninferno3209d ago

i think this is all up to the players and not actually anyone's direct fault.

ShadyDevil3209d ago

I understand what the article is trying to say. I mean, its crazy people in those games mentioned, Halo, COD, a lot of them dont talk on mic unless they are in a clan. I play a lot of MW2 and I rarely ever get on mic unless I am chatting with friends.

JoelT3209d ago

definitely isn't enough teamwork online, especially shooters. Everyone thinks that they're are John Rambo.

raztad3209d ago (Edited 3209d ago )

nobody cares about teamwork unless is forced to it.

MAG does a nice work making you, and your squad, to work like a team, as it should otherwise a 256 game would turn into a chaos fest. Much better if you are part of a well tuned clan. The better the clan the more fun you have. However most shooters out there are just a run and gun, rambo style rinse and repeat not tactics affair.

BeaArthur3209d ago

It's disappointing, because I have noticed that when there is communication the win percentage is higher. Nothing is more annoying then getting stabbed in the back and then watching my teammate who is sitting 30 feet away kill the guy, and all he had to say is "behind you".

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