Two Worlds 2 Interview Part 1: Redemption, Challenges, Horses and More

Kombo: Greetings, dear readers. Recently, we at Kombo had the chance to sit down with a developer of one the most exciting games coming out this fall, and, hopefully, a candidate for the (nonexistent) "most improved sequel" award: Two Worlds 2. Jake DiGennaro, community director at Topware Interactive, chatted with us about everything from the mistakes that there were during development of the first game to motion control and 3D technology - with plenty of new info about Two Worlds 2 thrown in, as well.

JD: For example, the PC and the PS3, just based on the nature of the machines, have a little bit more power when it comes to graphical fidelity and things like that. So we're able to ramp it up a little higher. However, with the 360, especially when compared to the PS3, it's a little bit smoother machine. It's a little bit easier to work with, and everything like that, so we're able to do a little bit more as far as that goes.

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RogueCheddar3206d ago

Thanks to whoever uploaded this!

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I'm curious to see how this GRACE engine works...

RogueCheddar3206d ago

It looked pretty good at E3.