Gaming-Age: Madden NFL 11 Review

Gaming Age writes: "It is no secret that EA's big money maker each year lies in the Madden Football franchise. It matters so much to them, in fact, that it spurred controversy when they purchased the NFL license to be the one and only NFL game on the market. While there are still fans that linger in the past of 2005, I for one, have forgiven, forgotten, and have become a fan of where EA has brought this series to. While I'd figure in this year of motion controls and casual gamer friendly titles popping up all over, this would be a small transition year, especially with their catch phrase, "Quicker, Simpler, Deeper", I have been once again proven wrong. And while this may actually be the Madden game that can be welcomed for newbies, it does not alienate the hardcore audience in dumbing down the game, so to speak, as all of what you loved about this franchise still exists, you just have to customize it to play your way if you are a so called expert of the X's and O's."

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