Checking out The Sims 3 for Consoles Video

"Torturing Sims, sharing content, and a bit of Late Night. "

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SeanRL3208d ago

"So you've never been able to do this before on consoles, but you can create literally anything and share it around the world with all your friends."

Little big planet is sending Kevin butler after you. He's not happy....

OT: Game looks really good and will probably run better on my PS3 than on my mac :)
I just hope that there's mouse and keyboard support.

T9X693208d ago

Yea I'm actually surprised how good this sounds. Every Sims on consoles have been horrible compared to PC, and this sounds like the real deal. Which is good because my GF wants this game for her birthday so spending $60 wont be so bad if it lives up to what they say.

mushroomwig3208d ago

I just bought my girlfriend the PC version for her birthday, dammit..why couldn't her birthday be later on so I could of bought this for her...and me. :3

kamisama3207d ago

I think they meant they have never been able to do it on consoles before

Caspel3208d ago

I haven't played a Sims title in the longest time, but since it's coming to the consoles, I think I may have to spend a little time on the title soon.

DarkBlade46583207d ago

Same here. Thought I enjoy PC gaming from time to time, I use my console way more often. Plus I'm sure my fiancee would love to play Sims on a big screen TV

KillerPwned3208d ago

I will get it when its on sale just to be safe since its console. Own the PC version not bad.

bonglover3208d ago

Still don't see why I'd get this on a console. I'll get my Sims fix on the PC

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The story is too old to be commented.