10 Most Wanted Unannounced Sequels

NowGamer looks forward to the biggest forthcoming sequels that haven't been formally, officially announced yet.

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darkcharizard3206d ago

Uncharted 3 is actually more wanted than Mass Effect 3

T9X693206d ago

I'll take ME3 over U3 any day.

mikeslemonade3206d ago

Your opinion is wrong. Uncharted 3 is just a better game.

I want Mirrors Edge 2.

Strange_Evil3206d ago

UC3 for me as well :)

ME2 was great, but I always love cinematic games more... Also can't wait to see how much they push the PS3 this time around.

Blacktric3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Finished the ME 2 3 times and still can't get enough of it. Didn't play Uncharted 2 yet but after seeing the ME 2's ending, I can say that I'm waiting for ME 3 more than a 3rd Uncharted. Just personal opinion of course.

Opinions can't be "wrong" they just differ. What you are trying to say is bias and that's what you exactly did in your post.

presto7173206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Mass effect 3 is just the type of thing you think about right before you c*m.

Come to think of it, I think it would be kinda nice if in the next uncharted they let you make some of the decisions. The game could be just as cinematic and everything, but it could have different endings depending on your decisions and how loyal your allies are.

Hades13373206d ago

This statement makes your opinion worthless.

Commander_TK3206d ago

complains about top 10 lists on n4g, yet they r the most popular shit here. God, these site filled with hypocrites and fanboys

DigitalRaptor3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

No wonder you're awaiting ME3 more than UC3, if you haven't played UC2.

Anyway, Mass Effect is a trilogy of a continuing story, so I can see why people would be looking forward to it more (the epic conclusion).

The Uncharted games are standalone experiences with few ties, so the reason people would be looking forward to the third game would be for that epic Uncharted experience yet again - the storytelling and the characters - but stepped up, refined gameplay in a brand new scenario.

theEnemy3206d ago

"Finished the ME 2 3 times and still can't get enough of it. Didn't play Uncharted 2 yet but after seeing the ME 2's ending, I can say that I'm waiting for ME 3 more than a 3rd Uncharted. Just personal opinion of course."


ofcourse you're waiting for ME3 than U3 because you haven't even played U2 yet.

Ascalon943206d ago

Im going to actually agree with you on that... Mass Effect 2 I felt was a better story and I was wanting more.

gaffyh3205d ago

ME3 is more wanted because the game has a story that continues throughout the 3 games. UC3 however will still be it's own story, however linked into the other two titles slightly, which is why it is not the most wanted.

I agree with most of this list EXCEPT "Tomb Raider 9," that game has gotten worse and worse since Tomb Raider 2, and I would put inFAMOUS 2 in it's place instead. Can't wait for that game!!

DarkSpawnClone3205d ago

Uncharted 2 for me seeming as i haven't played any mass effect games..stupid crappy video cards ;/.but hell yeah uncharted is the best adventure game around! i want more!! bring on UC3!!...getting a new video card this hopefully going to be able to play mass effect 1&2 soon.:) there are many games i want tho other then uncharted 3 like starhawk(maybe we know about that one ? ),or STARWARS BATTLE FRONT 3 :( (probably not going to happen), AC3 i really want to know what happens after the ending of AC2 ..a new kotor for consoles..well thats all i can think of atm :D

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fastrez3206d ago

It's a close call, but I reckon Uncharted 3 would pip it for me too.

thief3206d ago

ME3 on PS3 is what I really want, the XBOX can keep its 10-million sellers.
Is either ME3 or UC3 really unannounced? We know both of them are under development and coming in 2011. Maybe take them out and add Resistance 3 and Valkyria Chronicles 3

fastrez3206d ago

Both unofficially unannounced yeah. No big press reveal or anything like that.

pustulio3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Bioware already stated that they are working on ME3 and they plan to release it at the end of 2011.

For me that's an announcement.

BuIIetproofish_3206d ago

you forgot to say by me. You're not everyone else. Some people want ME more, some want UC. Prove either side is more wanted by the majority.

ThePlaystationFour3206d ago

I'm still waiting for .. NEW IP's!

fastrez3206d ago

Me too, but that's not the point of the article.

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Sony3603206d ago

Not really. Mass Effect is a much more engrossing series.

WLPowell3206d ago

Game of the year award count says differently.

edhe3205d ago

Considering UC2 and ME2 came out in different years that'd be a *bit stupid* to say..

OSU_Gamer3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

It doesn't say anything becuase its not the end of the year. Lets put your dumb comment in terms of movies. By your thinking, Hurt Locker 2 is a more anticipated movie than Inception 2 (if they were to make sequels)...just because Hurt Locker 2 has movie of the year awards...???


Denethor_II3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Well since The Uncharted franchise is bigger than the ME franchise, then technically, Uncharted 3 is the more anticipated title. The article fails for this reason.

edhe3205d ago

Technically ME franchise is across two systems, one of which isn't tracked very well so it may well be far bigger than you think, or UC2 could be.

So... mneh! :P

OSU_Gamer3205d ago

I don't think it comes down to the size of the franchise. You also have to count how the quality and the depth of the story. UC2 has an average story that barely ties in with a sequel. ME3 is the ending of a trilogy with an
amazing story. UC2 is a badass game, but ME3 seems more anticipated.

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SeanRL3206d ago

SLY 4!!!!!!

Uncharted 3 for sure though.

SoSLy3206d ago

Jak and Daxter 4 would be awesome lol

but yeah UC3 is in the top of my list.

omi25p3206d ago

id have mass effect 3 anyday of the week over uncharted 3, i love uncharted 2 but mass effect 2 is my favorite game on any platform and i cant wait to see how it ends.

omi25p3206d ago

dont get me wrong i love uncharted and i will preorder the special edition as soon as it announced. BUT I LOVE MASS EFFECT

UltimateSin3206d ago

"10 Most Wanted Unannounced SEQUELS"

If you trying to be funny, you failed.

UltimateSin3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I'd put Bully 2 up there as well.