Apple Patent Turns Your Games Into Comic Books

Imagine finishing a video game like Mass Effect and then having a personalized comic book generated featuring the decisions and tactics you used while playing. Apple has already imagined it, and they've got the patent application to prove it.

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Game-ur3202d ago

What's next? Patenting the thoughts in our heads?!

MAG_SVER3202d ago

Screw Kotaku, and PLEASE don't submit any of their FAKE NEWS, they are "NOT RELIABLE & TRUSTWORTHY" !!!

Sneak-Out3202d ago

save my minds on facebook automatic xd

kevco333202d ago

Umm... OK. It's another of those "Cool... but, why?" things.

djfullshred3202d ago

Agreed. Interesting tech, but why would I want to read a comic book summary of the game I just played?

Blacktric3202d ago

Another unnecessary thing from Apple. Just like iPad. The thing doesn't even have flash capability yet people buy it for 600 bucks. If they ever do something like this and a company uses it I'm refusing to buy that game.

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