Can Kinect Bring a New Type of Game?

The big thing that everyone is focusing on with Microsoft’s Kinect system is the motion control. People jumping around and waving their arms in the air makes for a slick commercial, sure. But is that kind of gameplay really going anywhere?

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MariaHelFutura3207d ago

Yes. But new is not always better.

Lord_Doggington3207d ago ShowReplies(1)
GWAVE3207d ago

It can certainly put a fresh coat of inaccurate paint on the same ol' Wii shovelware we've been seeing for the past several years.


Yeah, its called "Make the Sony fan boy's blood pressure rise because the attention Kinect is getting is making me forget that Move is coming out next month...end rant"...

claterz3207d ago

So you forget that Move is out next month but you have no trouble remembering to bring it up in every Kinect article? lol, seems like it's all that's on your mind.

DelbertGrady3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Apparantly it already brought a new type of tears.

Biggest3207d ago

The kind that say "It's 2010 and I STILL can't get quality hardware from Microsoft?"

I would love to see a new type of game for Kinect. I'm not imaginative enough to make one myself. But anything new that is worth time and money is more than welcome.

36T3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

The majority of the Wii shovelware you're talking about will make it over to your precious console wit da cell yo.

buuuu buuu buuuut.. Move is NOT a Wiimote ripoff!!

*Damn! With my one bubble used up, i missed the opportunity to message ChubbyBear @ 1.4! Oh well, next time it is. For now i'll settle for this. Chubby want some honey??

dustgavin3207d ago

"Apparantly it already brought a new type of tears."

Yes, Microsoft fans crying that their $150 add-on is going to offer nothing more than family oriented games operated by body convulsions.

R2D23207d ago

Yeah PS3 trolls need to chill and make Kinect decide its future.

GWAVE is probally an expert in kinect being that he is in every Kinect article. Hey GWAVE how many MP does the Kinect Camera have?

TotalPS3Fanboy3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Games where you can't acclerate or break, where the game does it automatically for you.

Games where you can't go anywhere in the river, and all you can do is wait for a message to pop up to tell you to jump and then you jump.

Games where it's so laggy, it becomes negative lag and the games actually moves first, then you copy the movements.

Games where you sit around talking to a pre-scripted virtual boy instead of chatting with your real life friends over Xbox Live while playing Co-Op.

Games where you can't sit down. Where girls can't wear a dress. Where you have to exercise your hands for hours by holding out your hand and pretending there's a wheel there.

Games where you have to rearrange your living room and move furnitures out of the way every time you want to play. Every time.

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darkcharizard3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

With games like Metroid Prime Trilogy, Smash Bros Brawl, Twilight Princess and TWO Mario Galaxy's out there, Wii is what you need!

With games like Uncharted 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, LBP and God of War 3 out there, PS3 is what you need!

With games like Kinectimals out there..... Dear God! What is this world coming to!?

soxfan20053207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

With games like Halo 3 & Reach, Forza 3, Gears of War, & Fable, 360 is what you need.

Funny how NONE of the PS3 games you listed have anything to do with Move, yet you ignore 360's best hardcore games and bring up just one Kinect game.

Chubear3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )


Disagree all you want. You just show my a vid of a game natal is doing that the Eyetoy didn't already do in some manner and even surpasses. It should be easy to find loads of vids and all I ask is for just one :)

Don't you fools get it? Natal is just the eyetoy rebranded with a bigger marketing push. Damn, this is crazy what some companies can get away with this gen

ukilnme3207d ago

Why do you and the rest of the haters care? Just don't buy it and stay out of Kinect/360 articles. N4G would be the better for it.

etownone3207d ago

Don't you fools get it? MOVE is just the Wii rebranded with a bigger marketing push. Damn, this is crazy what some companies can get away with this gen

Why are Kinnect articles filled with a bunch of
SonyTrolls like yourself? Just cause you keep huffin and puffin doesn't mean Kinnect isn't going to spank MOVE.

Accept it Kid

Motion3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

You know, I do kind of agree with you. It is pretty similar. But let me ask you this: How many people have wanted a new HD(ish) version of Eye Toy with more shovelware games? How many people have wanted a new HD version of the Wii with more hardcore games? There is the difference. No market has expressed the desire for a Kinect like product. Many people have asked for a Move like product.

OSU_Gamer3207d ago


I see what you did there :)

The Move actually seems to have a smaller marketing push. HAve you seen any advertising at all?

I really haven't.

Biggest3207d ago

"Don't you fools get it? MOVE is just the Wii rebranded with a bigger marketing push. Damn, this is crazy what some companies can get away with this gen."

Why is it that half of the Kinect lovers say that Move has no marketing and is therefore inferior to the Kinect, and the other half are like this guy saying that the Move is just the Wii-mote with better marketing. Is it even possible to get better marketing than the Wii had at launch?

And please stop with the "OMG YOU SDF ARE ALWAYS HERE IN OUR KINECT!!" crap. Stick to the topic at hand. Can Kinect bring a new type of game? Or is the new game already here and called "Blame Other People For Our Blind Love For A Peripheral That Has No New Experiences Party!" We can call it BOPFOBLFAPTHNNEP for short.

ukilnme3207d ago

@ Biggest

What Kinect can bring remains to be seen. Just like the PS3, it may need more time to hit its stride and that's not to say it will.

Back off topic, you and the rest of the SDF should just STFU and stay out of any 360/Kinect related articles. You obviously don't care about Microsoft's gaming products so stop wasting your time. You are not going to change anybody's opinion that really wants it. I am certain though that my words will mean nothing to you and the rest of the idiots that carry on like you do.

My words are the truth and I know it hurts.

outrageous3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Here's a guy that years ago showed the Sony Move with the Nintendo Wii equipment, Look familiar???

Here Johnny " genius " Lee demonstrates how the wii could be made to track Again, this vid is 3+ years old.

Here's Johnny again with more info on his IR experimentation...again 3+ years ago...

And another tech demo...Feb '07...

What's this mean...simple...His software is FREE to download. Nintendo not patenting the Wii set up has to be one of the biggest oversights in gaming history.

Give Johnny and his friends a bigger budget and a lareger audience and maybe it would look like this...look

Jinxstar3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

@ Ukilnme/ Omega4

"What Kinect can bring remains to be seen."

The thing is prior to this years E3 all I heard was "Wait for MS's presser they will prove to all you PS3 fanboys they can do hardcore games" Well the presser came and went and all I got was a whole lot more skeptical... Now it's "Wait a year after launch then you'll know" Why a year. Why can't they develop something hardcore for launch? I mean not that move has a ton of hardcore games on launch day but they have shown some pretty amazing stuff. KZ3, Socom and I am also super stoked for Time crisis and a number of other hardcore games like Dead Space extraction being bundled with dead space 2... LBP2 anyone?

Some people say "Imagine throwing a grenade while playing a FPS" And thats about the extent of any imagination of hardcore I have heard but at the same time all I can think is how incredibly innacurate the throw speed, angle and distance would be with every single throw... Unless every grenade had a set distance and only went straight forward... In which case why not just make it a button...

The truth is I have yet to see any example of how a hardcore game could be enhanced or made better with kinect and if nobody on the internet can figure it out how much faith do you really have that a few guys in MS offices have some vastly amazing imagination over everyone else in the world? I know you think us PS3 fanboys need to get lost but I really would like some solid examples of what would make it worth it and how.... I have yet to see anything that is even close and the more news I read the more disheartened I get for kinect.

And from what the guys on this weeks giant bombcast were talking about (Around the 1 hour and 5 minutes mark) The directions indicate that optimal distance from the TV is 13-15 feet. OPTIMAL not MINIMAL... Who has that? I know I really don't...

Please enlighten me. I would really like it. All I can see is negative... I am looking for the good but I am a natural skeptic. Heck I have yet to preorder Mafia 2 even though I think it could be amazing because I have been burned a lot by games like that... I don't like risks and all I see is kinect being one huge gamble with little evidence of a pay off...

Nathaniel_Drake3207d ago

Yeah I still don't understand what the difference is? Kung Fu Live proves it. It is not being a fanboy but understanding and sifting through the smoke and mirrors some companies put out. Kinect is a de-evolved eyetoy and has not shown any software to show otherwise. Stop with fanboy tagging and just look at what a company gives you

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52pickup3207d ago

The attention Kinect is getting is not cause of good publicity but mainly negative.

Even this gamer played Kinect and she says at the end even she got bored after 5 minutes.

Zir03207d ago

Lol wow talk about fail troll attempt. She kept going on about how "fun and cool" it was and plans to get one eventually.

Maybe next watch your own videos lol.

CrzyFooL3207d ago

If you could play RTS games Like RUSE and Starcraft II with Kinect and move your units around with your hands that WOULD BE SWEET.

ukilnme3207d ago

I agree. Although it was successful, I feel the same way about Heavy Rain. It was nice to see the devs go for something new but after playing the demo it just was not my type of game.

doG_beLIEfs3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Why the disagrees? What in my comment have I stated that is incorrect? Nothing...looks like I just hurt the Omega's of N4G.....wish this game was coming to Kinect don't you.

Where o where have I seen this "you are the controller" implemented b4?

Oh thats right....on the PSeye

Funny how a 2D camera already has a more fun game than the Kinect...funny how a 2D camera can do FULL BODY 1to1 TRACKING...and the Eye only costs $30...yet it can do TWICE the frame rate at a much higher resolution.

Nathaniel_Drake3207d ago

It seems people still don't know this

CrzyFooL3207d ago

I did not know this . . . /runs to store.

rroded3207d ago

ms is jus going ta keep milking the wii game knockoffs besides the 360 cant run kinect n a decent game at the same time heck it can hardly run a decent game alone...

bubs if you agree frakin ms faithfulls took one.

strickers3207d ago

Oops wrong place.I was looking for the discussion of games but ended up in the zombie Kinect Moron thread.Sorry.
Kinect is a damp squib for games and the natural conversation idea is idiotic,to say the least.

JokesOnYou3207d ago

never believe aps3 fanboy, if you listened to them prior to Halo3/KZ2 launch Halo sucked and KZ2 would have sold 10mil copies with tons of gamers playing it today...we know how that turned out. kinect or move dont interest me right now, but in time Im hoping something will come of kinect because I really do believe like most devs it has alot of potential with a standard controller for some great games.


Optical_Matrix3207d ago

Did you not see this?

Costs like £100 less than Kinect and can do the same thing but at higher frame rate and resolution. Explain to me, if Kinect is the godsend you guys make it out to be, then where's the proof. I'm starting to think the only reason 360 fanboys are looking forward to it is purely just to see if it outsells Move, so they finally have a reason to boi off PS3 fanboys. Pretty sure hardly any of you will be buying it for the "hardcore" games unless you'd rather spend all day playing Kinectimals and Dance Central rather than Halo:Reach and Assassins Creed Brotherhood

ArchangelMike3207d ago

Right.. anyone who uses the word "potential" in the same sentence as Kinect gets banished to the Null zone!

Enough already with 'potential' 'potential' 'potential'! it's just a lame excuse to say right now Kinect is about as useful as stinking floater!

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jaredhart3207d ago

Really hoping Kinect can deliver on a few of it's promises. I'm no fanboy considering I own all systems and would love to see a new level of interactivity.

kevco333207d ago

It'll take some time for developers to adapt to the device, but yeah, this time next year we could see all the failing evolving into new, proper gameplay genre... maybe.

Omega43207d ago

Its all up to devs to make something special with Kinect, but like kevco33 said it will take time for them to get use to it.

The good thing about MS releasing Kinect now rather than next gen is that when the next gen does start (and every console has the more advanced Kinect bundled in), devs will be able to easily implement Kinect features to all their games cause they will be so used to it by then.

claterz3207d ago

So basically this is $150 beta test just to iron out all the problems, and you're still willing to buy into it?

T9X693207d ago

They are already having a beta test as we speak. I'm assuming you didn't get an email?

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