PSP Phone: The Games Industry Responds

TechRadar polled a number of developers, developer trade association reps, PlayStation mag editors and games industry analysts to find out what the initial response to the latest speculation about a PlayStation-branded Android phone is.

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Stealth20k3205d ago

Everyone hates the idea what a suprise.......its not the psp 2

silvacrest3205d ago

i'm hyped for this

people expecting a PSP2 should have known from this years E3 that its not going to happen any time soon after sony launched new PSP ads

i'm guessing late next year or even 2012

Trroy3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

The game developers love the idea. Did you read the article, Stealth20k?

TotalPS3Fanboy3204d ago

But Stealth20K likes to ignore reality and live in his own imaginary world.

divideby03205d ago

cant comment until I know more... hardware pricing and contract pricing are obviously very important.
personally I want a solid PSP2 gaming machine... phone is not necessary if its gonna make gaming subpar

Stealth20k3205d ago

Its not the psp 2.

The rumors for that are its using the tegra chip and will have a physical format similar to mini blurays

But then again this phone is a rumor too

dosgrtr3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

that we don't need another psp just better form factor and battery life

himdeel3205d ago

...they can slap another nub on the PSP 3000 increase the battery life and call it a day. All these iteration of handhelds are already confusing enough. I for one have wanted a PSP but fear a new iteration right around the corner making my purchase obsolete. Likewise it difficult to see support for PSP outside of Japan with respect to games.

silvacrest3205d ago

in putting 2 nubs on another PSP revision, sony should save that for the PSP2 otherwise they risk alienating everyone who purchased the older PSP

looks like im in the minority who wants a all in one device, those worried about battery life might want to look at a company called mugen or simply buy an extra battery

longcat3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )


However, if they launch a phone option, they can allow a 2nd analog and have games utilizing the new control scheme that remain exclusive to the device, while allowing compatibility with the existing and future psp library.

It could allow ps2 ports easily.

Chris_Hansen_Rocks3205d ago

why don't you take a seat PEDROBEAR,...

take a seat right over there

raztad3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I'm more than happy with my PSP, but reality is the little machine is living off Japan devel support only. Western support is fading off quickly. Piracy has damaged the system to no end.

Sony needs to do something to revitalize and improve public perception about it. An attractively integrated PSP-PHONE can help to breath some live in the western PSP market.

longcat3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

yeah, drop the console price to make it an impulse buy for kids.

Get a phone option for those that do not want to lug around multiple devices.

i would try this before launching a PSP2.

silvacrest3205d ago

i think something that not many have mentioned is PSP minis, for the non hardcore who dont want to buy proper £30 games but still want something above apples £1 games the minis slot in nicely and making them available though the android market would make them far more accessible to the masses

longcat3205d ago

The PSP does not need more power
No matter how god u make the graphics, they still pale in comparison to what u have seen elsewhere.

They have improved the content available in a fantastic way
A price drop to about $120 to make it an impulse buy is what is needed to improve sales - however, with piracy, that may not be a great idea as the console sales revenue is probably keeping it alive atm.

raztad3205d ago

I have the feeling Sony is saving the price cut for later. Probably after, or close, to 3DS launching that probably will be priced in the $200+ range. That way PSP will become a very nice alternative to people looking some cheap dedicated gaming on the go.

rambi803205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )


The PSP go has gradually and quietly declined to a $200 price tag on amazon.

Earlier this month, the 3000 retailed at $150 there for like 2 days.

Handhelds_FTW3205d ago

Push for DD for your handhelds.