Street Fighter II Is Fastest Selling XBLA Game

Capcom today announced that Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting, the company's first title for Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360, has seen a phenomenal record of downloads since it's debut on August 2. Within the first 24 hours of it's unveiling, Street Fighter II' Hyper Fighting has become the fastest selling Xbox Live Arcade title to date with hundreds of matches being played every hour.

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TOM5395d ago

I bought it ,but im regreting it ,thats for sure. With constant disconections and freezeing when playing online you would think thta the extra three of four months they took to get the gameplay right would show. Not to metion the reduculous amout of time it took to download a measly 48 megs.

ACE5395d ago

it brings back some good memmorys lol!!!

downloading it wasent to much of a problem ,, but if it downloaded slow then it just shows how many people where downloading it too ...

i havent playd it on line yet so cant comment on that just yet,, cos i'm busy with lord of the rings battle for middle earth and pray

SDS Overfiend5395d ago

Crapcom manages to screw up a Classic once again. Sh1tty Lag times,Quitters,No 1 Ranked People That ain't sh1t who Quits Upon Destruction.No penalties for Disconnects.
Throught it All I still manage to Whip @ss.
This Games Need a Update fast. Better Online Coding,Penalties for Quitters and a True Ranking system that stop People from Beating on Friends For points by making all Friends list make Non-Ranked like Fight Night 3.

Marriot VP5395d ago

penalties like the feedback system XBL has. I know it may not seem like much but atleast your still ranking him permanently.

Marriot VP5395d ago

its the fastest selling cause we actually knew when it was coming out and it built up hype very quickly.

BIadestarX5395d ago

It is true this game has some connection issues. People are enjoying the game as it is. Once they fix the connection issue, we will be left with a very nice arcade game. Besides I'm sure this will encourage lots of companies to make Xbox live arcade games; who does not want money? The result is more games. I can't speak for everyone but I want more games.

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