Hideo Kojima Teasing Major Announcement for the Weekend

A mysterious Tweet from Metal Gear mastermind Hideo Kojima today:

"Typhoon 4. It looks like it won't have an effect on the weekend. Thank goodness! However, my health is bad. Prior to TGS, we'll have a big announcement (?) on Saturday or Sunday, so I must recover."

He posted a followup later: "ZOE3 and so forth -- it's not that big an announcement. However, I think you will be happy."

It looks like we'll be hearing some news from Kojima this weekend, assuming his health recovers, but it won't be ZOE3-related.

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Anime-Vixen3205d ago

I don't like robot games but ZOE looks fun!

GWAVE3205d ago

Trophy support for MGS4 plz.

DarkTower8053205d ago

if there were trophy support for MGS4 I would go out and buy the game today.

T9X693205d ago

Let the MGS4 trophy BS go for the love of god. MGS4 is a great game and doesn't need trophies to be enjoyable. This whole MGS4 trophy thing is just as bad as Xbox fans saying MGS4 was coming to 360.

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MetalGearBear 3205d ago

I want Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 remake!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

edhe3205d ago

Hopefully it'll be "I've bought my life back from the metal gear series and will be going on to get on with my dreams"

Nate-Dog3205d ago

Sounds like something concrete the way he's talking about it, hopefully it's good news.

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The story is too old to be commented.