Mafia II: The Betrayal of Jimmy Preview (RunDLC)

Multi-console owners confused about which version of Mafia II to buy should consider the PlayStation 3 edition, since it comes with a code that allows them to download The Betrayal of Jimmy, a PSN exclusive that adds more than 25 missions to the game. Think Mr. Clean with a Tommy gun and a whole lot of scumbags to kill.

Chris Buffa (RunDLC)

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raztad3208d ago

"Conversely, Betrayal of Jimmy was designed to let you screw around. 2K Games created dozens of arcade style missions that range from five to 45 minutes."

This sounds very tempting. I dont care about "teh graz" or teh ssao, but framerate and less tearing. Give me a better running game 2K, and I'll forget you for forcing me to shoot/aim with R2/L2.

Buff10443208d ago

Yeah I really hope the final game is more polished than the demo.

Hydrolex3208d ago

I was right about making that news post " PS3 Final Build "

I agree they could be touched up a lil bit to make them more polished but I'm sure the PS3 version is gonna look way better at the end ( at least better than the demo )

Smiling5353208d ago

Definitely picking up the PS3 version for this. I'm all about quick arcade style fun.