Hyped hardware that failed to deliver

Megabits takes a look at some of the gaming hardware that promised so much but didn't quite meet expectations...

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Yi-Long3209d ago

... personally, I think it will fail miserably. There's hardly anything interesting coming out for it (except maybe Dance Central, for the girls), and it seems awfully pricy...

I think the next Xbox with a new and improved Kinect will stand a better chance of succeeding.

Also, not sure what to make of MOVE yet, however I haven't seen anything interesting for that either.

Agent-863208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

@Yi-Long, I agree with you and think it will fail. Its major problem is that its games are limited to dance, exercise, and Eyetoy/Wii type games. Games also have to be designed for it from the ground up, so it can't be patched to work with existing games; limiting it to launch only games (which aren't very impressive). In addition, since its sort of a leech and uses 10-15% of the 360's processor, its highly unlikely that it'll be incorporated into future core games. Also, 3rd party developers will likely skip supporting it for core games since the install base will be relatively low and sacrifices would have to be made to support it.

bobcostus3208d ago

I would have thought Kinect would fail miserably until I talked to some people at work about video games.

The FIRST thing they said was "have you seen that thing coming for the xbox? You dont even need a controller to play it! I want it so bad!" These guys/girls aren't hardcore gamers at all, but Kinect appeals to them.

This is the audience that Microsoft wants to bring in. They already have their core audience, they want to reach out to some of the other people. In this, I think they will succeed.

I'm more worried about Move being successful outside of the Core audience. I'm definetly getting PS Move, but to the regular person, the casual gamer, PS Move looks exactly like the Wii, and they already have the Wii. (Obviously it's NOT the same at all, but the average person isn't on this website watching tech demos for Move)

I think for Sony to really be successful with the Move outside of their Core fanbase, they are going to need some very good marketing, and need to clarify the pricing a bit more.

Either way, the next few months should be interesting.

rwarner1743208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

If you look at many of those devices that failed they have one thing in common. THey tried to take to many steps foward at once. For example the lynx. Sure it was a backlit color lcd screen. But, the low power circuitry didn't exist yet to power it so it failed.

Kinect is in much the same vain. This is great technology ahead of its time. So ahead of its time, its going to take developers a long time to figure out how to use it properly. At the end of the day this will frustrate consumers.

No one know if connect with fail or not, but it certainly meets some of the criteria.

Nihilism3208d ago

Eagerly awaiting 8800gtx's response...

8800gtx3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Careful you dont wanna dissapoint all the people who bought designs outdated beyond my time, thinking it was next gen :P


Nihilism3207d ago

Thankyou, you didn't disappoint me. :D

4cough3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Where's the PS3 on this list??? 1080p @120FPS , Six Axis,Home,No rumble, Unrivaled GFX LMAO.

Substance1013208d ago

Well considering Sony fanbase gets lied to all the time. Ill give a link to when Ken Kutaragi ignorantly lied about the PS3's capabilities. Placing it above and beyond high end pcs of that time: (ken mentions PS3 to runs games at 120fps).

Obviously he knew he was deceiving the fans, yet selling his hardware was the only thing that mattered to him.

edhe3208d ago


I don't think you're allowed to point out that Sony routinely lies to their customers.

big_silky3208d ago

Ok we effin get it, people don't like Kinect. Jesus Christ go fap to some Move videos or something. It's effin redundant.

rwarner1743208d ago

No, I think people need to be reminded how stupid they are as often as possible.

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