A batch of new Guilty Gear 2: Overture images

Guilty Gear 2: Overture is a game in the Guilty Gear series made by Arc System Works in production for the Xbox 360. Unlike previous Guilty Gear games, it is not a fighter and has 3D graphics.

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Neoninja4792d ago

Does anyone think this is gonna be a hack and slash

MetalProxy4792d ago

Iam a fan of Guilty Gear and it looks like they are screwing this game up. It would have been cooler with new age 2D animations and not this butt ugly 3D polys.

teh_bear4792d ago

We have very few options left... The new Capcom Sengoku game looks average with boring character designs.

I guess there's always Melty Blood / Arcana Hearts / Big Bang Beats. Nothing super manly though :/

AbyssGravelord4792d ago

Wow this looks great always loved playing guilty gear and can't wait for this new kind of guilty gear!!!

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