Square Enix LA Developing First Game

Square Enix is busy developing a new title in LA it seems. Earlier in the year Square Enix's Sonia Im teased about a mega-hyped game and that title has yet to be revealed, so it could be coming from the LA studio.

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N4g_null3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

It's a final phatasy shooter. It's going to push the cell so hard it falls right out of the playstation. No really it's going to be a board game for move or a launch game for se new console call the movie ticket we really want to make movies!

Man it's boring today I need more tech toys! If it's einhander I'll buy a ps3 today.

Wait it has to be good.

Stealth20k3205d ago

Can square get any worse?

They have seriously lost there way.

What was once a triple AAA rpg maker has turned into a medoicre run of the mill publisher.

nickjkl3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

no idk what way youre talking about but square still makes great games you just dont like them

id i didnt like ff8-10 does that mean they lost their way know it just means i didnt like those games

Urameshi3205d ago

If you don't like Final Fantasy VIII or IX then you don't like the RPG genre.

nickjkl3204d ago

nope it just means i dont like those games

people like you are whats wrong with the gaming world

Greek God3205d ago

just like that japanese history browser game..?
..allright ill pass

Nihilism3205d ago

I'll have to laugh out loud if it's a mass effect rip off. FF died with should have ended there. Greedy one trick pony's only have one I.P left. They keep pumping out PS1 to DS ports and will continue to do so while suckers keep buying their trash.

Stealth20k3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

They use to be good. I mean there decision makers are just as bad as namco and atlus.

They push out this westernized crap and leave/neglect there actual good japanese titles.....acting like we want that shit.

And this article is bullshit. They are seems.

What the hell kind of news is that? Just a rumor......

Give us dq vi, joker 2 localized....speed the hell up with agito/versus, tactics ogre, 3rd birthday.......those are the titles they should be pushing out

F square enix, they used to care, but there just as bad as namco.

Feeding us westernized garbage instead of the games that gave them a good reputation in the first place

MrLife3205d ago

Studying English is the best thing you could do right now.

ClownBelt3205d ago

"I mean there decision makers are just as bad as namco and atlus. "

Atlus? Are you drunk? They published Demon's Souls in NA, and many people thanked them for that. What kind of drug are you taking?

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