Gran Turismo 5 – VisionRacer Gameplay

Here is another gameplay video from Gran Turismo 5, showing the actual driving along with some of the very detailed cars and replay sets up in game.

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Nitrowolf23207d ago

58 seconds, Holy F those graphics look so real

Cevapi883206d ago

id love to see how they implemented top gear into the game...just to see how it works in the some videos of the top gear test track wouldnt be a bad be like a little kid getting all giddy over those videos

MariaHelFutura3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Perfection Perfected......and people say JP gaming is dying. Ok.....

Speed-Racer3207d ago

Dying...haha not a chance. There may have been criticism over things like 3D viewing and the length of production... but in the end... it's one of the best racing game packages to date. Nothing delivers a mix as good as this.

MariaHelFutura3206d ago

To anyone who doesnt have a PS3 Im tellin ya, this is worth the $359 it would take to get it. Every penny.

AntsPai3206d ago

Can't wait 'til this game comes out :3 It's gonna be so awesome

Takoulya3206d ago

No seriously, this game looks incredible. Off-topic, can anyone convince me to get the Collector's Edition? Signature Edition is out of question as I live in Canada, so please not that. Just reasons to get the Collector's Edition would be great.

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