Sony PSP/Android Phone is Great for Everyone... Except Sony

DualShockers writes, "Last night, Engadget’s Editor-In-Chief Joshua Topolsky came across some information about a device that has gamers and tech whores drooling. A Sony Erricson Android phone outfitted with a D-pad, a touch pad and bearing the PlayStation name. This device is said to run the yet-to-release Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) operating system. Now while this device, on paper, may have the features straight out of a fanboy’s wet dream (mine included), the reality is that it could very well become Sony’s worst nightmare."

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JoelT3207d ago

How they will combat piracy with Android on board.

TheIneffableBob3207d ago

Google just released activation tools for apps that require the user activate the app online at least once before using it.

FanOfGaming3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

You make a very good point in your article, nice read =D

Edit: But I do think the rewards out-weigh the risks

Noctis Aftermath3207d ago

People who seriously think sony would use android on the next PSP need to do some research.

Disagree away.

Conloles3207d ago

Theyre so screwed with Android sideloading

ABizzel13207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

As they said this would be great for consumers, but Sony maybe not. I think they should go with a 3G product rather than a phone simply because it'll save people from having to sign a contract with the carrier. Not to mention with 3G we could use SKYPE instead (add a camera for video chat please).

A 3G or 4G PSP would be nice, and it'll allow online gaming on the go which means PSN (friends list, and other features missing from the current PSP) on PSP. And like many online games you have to update them to play online so that could be one way to cutting a large chunk of pirates, since most people would like to play online if they could play it anywhere.

Constant Firmware updates. Force them to be downloaded when a new version is released. While it won't stop pirates and hackers, it will but a damper on their ways, and as long as Sony frequently updates the security then many of the lesser pirates and hackers will call it quits.

Stop selling games for $40. Why on earth does a PSP game cost $40. For $20 more I can get the PS3 or 360 version of the game which is almost always better. PSP exclusives should only cost $30 (honestly I'd rather have $20), while new releases cost $10-$20. PlayStation Plus would be nice as well, or constantly have sales and discounts on games, oh and let PSN games be playable on the PSP, as well as making it easier to move game saves over from the PS3 to the PSP so we can pick up and play where we left off at all times.

I think this would be enough to get rid of the majority of hackers and pirates that currently plague the PSP. Oh and a HDMI port would be nice so we can play games in HD on a big screen. Oh and Dual Shock support should stay.

El_Colombiano3207d ago

I agree with the pricing and 3G inclusion, but PSN Games on the next PSP would never work. It would require a mobile Cell Broadband Engine, because we ALL know that emulating the PS3 hardware is impossible at this point. Nevermind on a portable system.

ABizzel13206d ago

I think you misunderstood. When I said PSP games I meant games for the PSP2/ PSPhone not the current games. But I don't see why current PSP games couldn't work on the PSPhone/ PSP2. Just use emulator software, which most hackers would probably use anyway.

silvacrest3206d ago

not all android devices can be rooted with "one click" motorola are a good example here, the droid x and the milestone can be rooted but custom roms are impossible to load because of the locked bootloader, sony could do this if they felt the need to although i hope they find some other way to stop piracy as i like changing roms from time to time

KozmoOchez3206d ago

to get free apps from the market...just gotta acquire them and install

Ninferno3207d ago

Droid does what idon't! PSP does what DSdon't

DelbertGrady3207d ago

PSP - Poor Sales & Piracy.

ZombieAutopsy3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Lol bubbles for the laugh but alot of psp games have outsold xbox exclusives so....

I'd still prefer a real PSP2 over some phone that'll make me sign a contract with ATT.

Roonie3206d ago

Poor sales yet sold much more than garbage box 360? HHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

tinybigman3206d ago

When 60 million sold worldwide equals poor sales. I can see why you only have 1 bubble hahaha.

Hitman07693207d ago

I wish that this wasn't true, but the thing is the only people this is good for are the gamers! Sony is pretty crazy for taking such a huge chance like this and I don't know that it will pay off!

I am looking forward to the games immensely though.

BetaChris3207d ago

Until I see a physical device (as opposed to an engadget concept rendering) I'm going to chalk this up as a rumor. That said, I don't see this psp/phone hybrid coming out for quite some time - as their primary focus at present is their forthcoming Xperia line, spearheaded by the upcoming Xperia X10 series.

On a somewhat unrelated note, if this is real, will Sony be able to succeed (with the PSP phone) where Nokia failed (with the now-defunct NGage)?

JoelT3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

With the NGag, Nokia is a successful cell phone company that tried to jump into the gaming market, where as Sony is a successful game company jumping into cellular with another brand partner that has been producing phones for about 15 years now.

reddeath243207d ago

yea they will cause now we are talking about sony they know what there doing trust me if it was a bad idea we wouldnt be reading this but there's a saying every bad idea can be a good one if it's not rushed

Hitman07693207d ago

Never heard that saying before but I dig it.

silvacrest3206d ago

the xperia x10 is not really new, you have the x10, x10 mini and the pro, in some ways the pro shouldn't even be considered a new phone since it's just a mini with a keyboard, most phone manufacturers have already had 2 or 3 new phones on top of that in the same time frame, i believe its because sony have been working on this PSPhone for quite some time

as for the ngage reference, joelt said it best, nokia were going into uncharted waters having never done a gaming phone or proper games in general

while sony are experienced in both portable gaming and phones

aminjarez3207d ago

I really hope Sony knows what they’re doing with this new phone =(

RememberThe3573207d ago

I hope it has some joysticks. If they are going to make console games on a hand held at least give us what we need to play them.

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