G4TV: Mafia II Xbox 360 & PS3 Demo Comparison Video

G4TV writes: "The Mafia II demo is now available for digital download on Xbox Live & the PlayStation Network, but some of you might be thinking if there is any significance differences between the two. How does it look on a Xbox 360? How does it look on a PlayStation 3? Did they add something new on the other version? These questions might be filling up your head, but let us clear that problem of yours by presenting the Mafia II Xbox 360 & PS3 demo comparison video."

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Cyrus3653208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

After all the screenshot comparisons, it looks pretty much the same to me. Anyone can see any difference?

And after all the fuss that the PS3 version was really downgraded, doesn't look it to me.

Sunny_D3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

There is no reason to compare the demo anymore since the other article has debunked it. The PS3 version is up to par and does INCLUDE grass. The demo's are based on really old builds.

Remember: This Demo is not Representative of the Final Product.

Edit: Okay, I just saw the vid and WTH? That's it? the only difference is the lighting. This is what the bots were getting their panties up in a bunch for?

Conloles3208d ago

Nah the huge difference is on PC, the superior platform!

SeNiLe9113208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

Edit: Looks like someone likes the bushes on the PS3 better. \/

BannedForNineYears3208d ago

Grass is added in the full version guys. -_-
Look at the past articles. v_v

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aceofspades3208d ago ShowReplies(1)
ClownBelt3208d ago

Comparison, comparison, comparison...

Is it just me or it's been a long time since I've seen one? Like I don't see Eurogamer's comparison or Lens of Truth anymore...

A change in the wind3208d ago

Yep, there was a whole lot of talk coming from a certain group of people earlier on, yet the outcome is priceless: Virtually identical.

Baltis3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I'm still on the fence. I know what I played last night on the PS3 and it wasn't good. It looked like a ps2 game, if that. The ps3 was inferior. I've never seen a demo super succeed the final product by leaps and bounds either. Ever one time. Name one. Still stands. Mafia II is, until proven otherwise on release day, inferior to the mighty xbox 360's version.

But to be honest, the graphics, jaggies, blurriness and washed out look of it on the PS3 demo didn't bother me as much as the gameplay cavets. No blind fire shooting? Wow, that's old school. IT was pretty rough.

cool cole3208d ago

LOL I can't help but laugh at this!

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Redrum0593208d ago

lol @ baltis.
first off, the video was using old demo builds. plus it seems like the only thing you can look forward to is suprior versions of multiplat titles on the "mighty xbox360" lol.
ive never realy been bothered by multiplat differences when there are countless AAA exclusive titles coming to the ps3. but ofcourse you wouldnt know about that now would you, suprior multiplat games are the only thing that keeps you goin since you no longer have much exclusives to get excited about. besides HaloReach and Gears3, i cant think of any other killer exclusives that are coming to the "mighty 360".
in the end, i will still be able to play your multiplat titles plus much much more.
go troll somewhere else and stop getting owned.

RyuStrife3208d ago

I guess you've never "seen" God Of War 3. I mean, the demo wasn't even close to the final product.

tetsuhana3208d ago

"Super succeed?" You're definitely 12 years old...

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karl3208d ago

were real.. i dont see the point of making this comparison from two demos that dont represent the final visual quality of the game...

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