1UP: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Review

Even if you're not a twenty-to-thirty-something with fond memories of River City Ransom (or a huge fan of the Scott Pilgrim comic/movie), the detailed art and driving soundtrack from Anamanaguchi should be more than enough reason to give this retro-inspired brawler a try.

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MisterNiwa3209d ago

This game is finger licking good.
I bought it right off the bat, and its worth every penny.

krisq3209d ago

yesterday. It's awesome. I'm buying!

NecrumSlavery3209d ago

This is a great game, such a retro throw back of nostalgia and awesomeness.

Best part, it's just $10. It's worth more but it nice to know there's still games keeping at 10, when shorter and less fulfilling title are pushing to stick a $15 price tag.

big_silky3209d ago

What's a Scott Pilgrim? I still have no idea what this character is. I see the ads for the movie but all I can focus on is how Michael Cera doesn't age at all.

MmaFanQc3209d ago

=your best friend

....get it?

Digitaldude3209d ago

Looks mean as, can't wait to play it.

Veneno3209d ago

plzyed the demo and it's damn fantastic! but sadly no online co op will sever the majority of the games sales. I was this close tobuying it til I realized this now i'm waiting for the price drop. kind of a shame cause I never ever care about this feature but this game screams co op.

sonicriderZG83209d ago

It's a game worth every damn Yen you can pull out of you couch. Don't let the online co-op be the reason for you to not experience this great game.

Veneno3209d ago

Like I said, The demo was killer (Mafia II demo was junk btw) and I really want the game. this being a download title cripples it even more cause i can't just bring the game to my bud's house and play on his ps3, no I'd have to lug the thing oved there. this is why the game needs online co op cause there is only one way to play with friends and it isn't convenient. why would they want to make a 4 player game and make it hard as hell to get it done? they really messed up here.

sonicriderZG83209d ago

I understand what you mean, and yeah it's been a hassle for my cousin and I. But the game on singleplayer is a fun experience on it's own. I found it to be worth the money. :P

Baka-akaB3209d ago

make your friend buy and download then . it deserves every extra sales it might get

MACHone3209d ago

Is your bud connected to the PlayStation Network? If so, all you need to do is make a new profile on his machine, sign up for the PSN using the exsisting e-mail and password you use on yours at home, and presto: simply head on over to the PlayStation Store, select 'Download History,' and Scott Pilgrim should be right there, available for download! Now you can bring downloadable games to your friend's house! Pretty neat, huh?

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