[The Top Five] Legend of Zelda Clones

Zac Pritcher: It’s a very exciting time to be a Zelda fan, as it always is when a new game in the series is slated for release. It’s been a long wait since the last console installment in the legendary franchise, as it’s been four long years since Twilight Princess hit shelves, but thankfully we’ve had multiple games in between to keep us from cracking. Two new handheld games in the form of Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks, and the entire backlog of Zelda games from the NES, SNES, and N64 have finally been released on the Virtual Console. Still, it’s not enough.

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Spaghett3208d ago

Okami is the greatest ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It smashes trash like GoW (one with the angry homo) and GoW (one with the chain saw weapons) into millions of little bits!

grashopper3208d ago

Nobody mentioned either of those games and making remarks like the "one with the angry homo" just make you look stupid and childish.

N4GAddict3208d ago

I don't agree with your GoW statement but Okami does rock.

Alos883207d ago

Okami is indeed brilliant, it's just a shame you trashed other great games for no reason.

WLPowell3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

Sure it does. /s

Okami was good but it wasn't that good.

Reading the article: "While it can certainly be argued that 3D Dot Game Heroes isn’t really good enough to be considered one of the “best” Zelda clones" WTF is this guy talking about? The other games listed, besides Okami, were shit compared to 3D dot.

RememberThe3573207d ago

But I beat Okami like 3 times. Okami was a favorite game last generation. Of all games last gen I wanted to see a true sequel to Okami the most. But like many other things the good die young and Clover was devolved, crushing my hopes.

Personally I would take Okami over any Zelda game.

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Eric Cartman3208d ago

What makes a game a Zelda clone? What are the features?

MonopolyRSV3207d ago

No reasons are given as to why Okami qualifies as a Zelda clone.

WLPowell3207d ago

remove the visuals and it plays, and plays out just like a zelda game. You explore a giant world map, you explore temples/dungeons, you defeat bosses and get special items/weapons to discover new areas of the world map. battles system is a modified Orcarina of Time battle system.

Rikitatsu3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

The main idea behind Okami is the Paint Brush, and its not just an "element" in the gameplay, its a HUGE pillar that the gameplay relies on.

You use the Brush in Fighting, Platforming, Puzzle Solving, and pretty much every thing in the game, the game is based around the brush.

That alone does not make it a clone (while admittedly it shares a lot of similarities)

and LOL @ the combat system remark you said, how the hell can anyone claim that Okami's battle system is anywhere near similar to OoT's combat system.

You clearly haven't played the game.

madjedi3207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

@3.1 Thats like calling halo a call of duty clone, just because it plays like a fps normally does, you know you shoot enemies and toss grenades pick ammo and new weapons and just as stupid to.

Yeah the very first final fantasy(nes) had the exact same setup miss enemies on screen, so what is your point, it's a standard game formula not a zelda trademark.

So in what zelda game do you play a mythological japanese female god, in feudal japan, fighting ancient evil gods and restoring life and beauty to the land. And using a giant paint brush to both destroy enemies and interact with the environment.

Wow i can't believe i never played that in a zelda game before. I think some of you fools that consider okami a zelda clone, need to look up the phrases inspired by or influenced by. I would kill for a port of okami on ps3.

gillri3207d ago

I dont agree with with statement in part, but I do beleive Okami is a better game than GOW simply because of the atmoshpere of I think it has a 93 on metacritic so that says somehting

ChronoJoe3207d ago

If you're talking Gears of War I agree. If you're talking God of War I do not.

Gears of War and Okami aren't exactly comparible, anyway. Although I would personally prefer to be playing Okami than Gears. God of War and Okami have some loose similarities which can be used as a platform for comparison... but I prefer God of War.

No game beats, beating the shit out of someone like Kratos, although as I say, very different games and someone who loves Okami could very easily absolutely hate God of War, and vice versa.

Myze3207d ago

Not sure why you would bring metacritic into this, since GoW has a 94 compared to Okami's 93. Anyway, the games are very different, and I think it's ok (despite what a lot of people seem to think based on disagrees) to like them both.

ChronoJoe3207d ago

Starfox Adventures & Alundra.

Alundra being a massive Zelda clone, superior to Zelda though in my opinion. The first one that is. Alundra 2 was 3D and not so good, although I still enjoyed it.

Starfox adventures on the other hand was a great 'zelda' clone. Although it would seem that all you have to do to fit into the 'zelda clone' category, is to fit into the adventure genre. I wouldn't class Okami as a Zelda clone, although it is Zelda-like in areas.

Metroid Prime is also very similar to Zelda, in structure.

Theonik3207d ago

I agree to the similarities of metroid prime with Zelda although i can say i didn't enjoy Metroid prime. The game bores me somehow. (it just feels blank but i love the gameplay, still trying to finish it)

Myze3207d ago

Alundra is sort of a Zelda clone, but it's actually a spiritual successor to Landstalker (Dark Savior was also, hidden gem from Saturn, and could also be on the list, but doubt many have played it). Great games, but I'm not sure I would consider them superior to Zelda (especially not OoT and A Link to the Past, the two best, imo, with TP being close). Alundra definitely is good enough to be on the list though.

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