Carmack to show unannounced project at QuakeCon

John Carmack has revealed that he'll be showing "something neat and unannounced at quakecon tomorrow".

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ZombieAutopsy3207d ago

If it's anything other than DOOM 4 i'll be very very sad.

Kingdom Come3206d ago

And is set to be featured at QuakeCon, this is something different.

AngryFork3206d ago

It's probably an iphone game. He likes programming iphone stuff on his own and with Doom 4 and Rage being worked on I don't see how he'd have time to do anything more than that.

Kingdom Come3206d ago

AND DOOM 4?! Can't wait...

Fishy Fingers3206d ago

It might not be a completely new project, maybe just some new for Rage and/or Doom, perhaps even the engine as a whole. Who knows, maybe even some Quake Live based.

Whatever it is I'll be listening!

XactGamer3206d ago

Doom or Quake please :)

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