Unschoolers may play video games all day

Several recent news stories on unschooling have alleged that unschoolers may play video games all day, every day, with the presumption that this would be a bad thing. A grown-up unschooler claims that World of Warcraft awakened his business genius.

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big_silky4056d ago

School is overrated IMO. It teaches you just enough to hopefully keep you out of prison and that's about it. I wish schools taught basic life skills like financial planning and budgeting, cooking, care and maintenance of small electronics, stuff like that. I hate to sound like I want to dumb people down because I don't but what relevance does Shakespeare and calculus hold for today's teenager? Not bloody much. They should teach basic math and reading, that's good enough for 90% of people.

I've learned much more about history, science, politics, etc doing my own reading and research than I ever learned in school.

Focker4204056d ago

Exactly. Life skills are way more important than most of the curriculum being taught these days.

ZombieAutopsy4056d ago

The school I went to had classes for all of that but they were elective and not mandatory. I agree though school after a certain point is pointless, until you go to college and choose a profession. It's sh1tty though because if you don't have a High School diploma at least it's hard as hell to get a decent job.

msaraann4055d ago

An author and entrepreneur Blake Boles has made his living encouraging kids to skip high school in favor of something better. There's an interview with him on the same Examiner site,