Community Voice: Do You Nerdgasm Over Gaming Merch?

Dana of writes:

"When Halo 3 was coupled with Mountain Dew Game Fuel, I rushed to the nearest 7-11 and bought my weight in Mountain Dew. My body was not pleased with me, but I satisfied my gamer urges…even though I don’t like Halo. Also, I almost never drink Mountain Dew. Some of us go nuts over every bit of game merchandise we can find. Others only choose to collect certain things, such as t-shirts or figurines. Some may avoid gaming merchandise altogether, preferring to stick to buying games and nothing else. So, are you the type of person who completely geeks out when they find some gamer merchandise, or are the complete opposite? Let us know in this week’s Community Voice!"

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tigresa3207d ago

I want those sodas so bad...! And I can't even explain who, what or why. *_*

rrquinta3207d ago

LOL. I can't agree, but if they were those Dragon Quest beverages, then I'd probably be sold, so I won't make fun!

Although they apparently taste terrible!

Heart1lly3207d ago

They are really cute. Makes me want them.

K-Tuck3207d ago

I love the Game Fuel. They are one of the tastiest beverages out there.