3 Reasons why Halo: Reach has to Outsell Call of Duty: Black Ops

With approximately a month before the release of Halo: Reach, Bungie is ready to unleash their last and final installment to the Halo Franchise & soon after that Call of Duty: Black Ops comes out. The whole industry will have their eyes on this battle as the one with the most sales will no doubt be crowed the better of the two.

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GWAVE3205d ago

Halo Reach will sell fine on its own. CoD4 outsold Halo 3 and no one cared. Both franchises kept going. And correct me if I'm wrong, but MW2 outsold ODST, and again no one cared. As long as it doesn't sell as few copies as Alan Wake, Microsoft will continue to support the franchise.

JsonHenry3205d ago

How can it outsell when it is not a multiplat title?

mikeslemonade3205d ago

I won't be buying either game.

avengers19783205d ago

It doesn't have to out sell Black Ops. It will almost definately sell 5 to 6 million copies( or more ) Black Ops will probably sell closer to 8 million to 9 million but it's multiplat

Christopher3205d ago

Has to? What a sad sad mentality to have.

NegativeCreepWA3205d ago

Whoops, didnt mean to disagree. have a bub instead.

RageAgainstTheMShine3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Yeah! This is crazy!

So Halo: Reach selling less than CoD:Black Ops makes it a failure and a disappointment?

Amazing stupidity! This author thinks like Bobby Kotick.

The author of this article like so many here in N4G whose number one criteria for a game to be successful are sales figures are the ones who turned out to be the real disappointment.

Will Halo:Reach outselling CoD:BO make it a better or more successful game?

If game developers have this sales as their number one priority then we are doomed.

Stop this mentality! The video games industry has survived well for decades without this obsession for sales figures from the NES to the PS2.

Or this is an article written in desperation? Halo franchise is a phenomenal game franchise no doubt but it is not enough to carry the whole weight of Microsoft's gaming division. M$ should have known better to put its eggs into many baskets like Nintendo and Sony does.

SoSLy3205d ago

" Microsoft will continue to support the franchise. "

I wouldnt say that since this is Bungie's last game for Microsoft :|

On topic: Reach will sell good, Black Ops will sell good and everyone is happy with their respective games.

Cenobia3205d ago

Well he did say franchise, and MS owns the IP so....

This article has very little to say. I feel like he could have said "I hope Halo sells better because I love Halo" and it would have essentially been the same thing.

In fact I think the "hard work" part is pretty bullshit. I bet Treyarch is working their asses off because they're tired of being considered 2nd tier.

coolbeans3205d ago

You're already insinuating that Microsoft won't be supporting anymore Alan Wake sequels in the future? Gimme' your crystal ball!

spacetattoo3205d ago

BOBBY KOTICK IS A TOTAL DOUCH. I can't stand bobby kotick and his style of buisness. So I will not buy anymore call of duty games. I bought MW2 And no more. Halo reach here I come.

Plus all this talk of pay to play is coming from him and you know it. yet lets go out and give him some more fuel to push his bull sh-t ideas.

I bet he paid for analysts to support the idea.

iPad3205d ago

Fuck Sales! Some "gamers" you guys are.

ABizzel13205d ago

Halo Reach will have to sale better than all the other Halo's to beat Black Ops. Modern Warfare games are the biggest selling titles, and Black Ops looks similar to those games which will get a lot of uninformed buyers to buy the game. Not to mention World at War sold 13 million which is still more than any Halo game to date.

Hal Reach will sell at least 6 million copies, but my guess is it'll be close to Halo 3 sales and sell over 10 million copies. But Black Ops is going to sell at least 13 million unless people are finally worn out on Call of Duty which is unlikely.

DigitalAnalog3205d ago

Gamers need to make a stand to put Activision in it's place. If I had an Xbox360, I'll even buy the collector's edition for this game. It's only once in a blue moon where an exclusive have a potential to reach more than 10 million in sales.

-End statement

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NYC_Gamer3205d ago

both titles will do huge numbers..

big_silky3205d ago

A) CoD immediately wins because it's on multiple systems instead of just one.

B)They come out 2 months apart so unless you can only afford 1 $60 game for the rest of the year nobody is being forced to choose.

C) Strictly my personal opinion but based on past history with both games I have absolutely no doubt that Reach will be better.

IHateYouFanboys3205d ago

but Halo 3 has outsold MANY multiplatform releases? its sold 11 million copies so far.

i have no doubt that Black Ops will sell more, since MW2 sold about 20 million copies. but Reach will more than hold its own to become the first/second highest selling exclusive this generation.

Game-ur3205d ago

I think Reach will be the 360s biggest launch, but I don’t know if it will top MW2 and Halo3 numbers, because there is completion from MOH and Black Ops, there will be those who buy 2 or 3, but a lot will settle for one.

coolbeans3205d ago

I find it tough to imagine that MoH is combating with Reach sales though. That's more directly linked to fighting Black Ops head-on.

Cueil3205d ago

it'll easily outstrip the 360 version of MW2 and Halo 3 and it shouldn't have much problems outselling Black Ops

BuIIetproofish_3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I expect Reach to at least double Black Ops on the 360, but then there is Wii, PC, DS and PS3 for BO.

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