COD Black Ops Membership Rumor Squashed

You have heard rumor after rumor about a possible subscription fee being in place for COD Black Ops. Even a video has been released as proof. Well, here proof that this is all rumor.

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Jordanemery3209d ago

Its a never ending thing with this subject. So many people have been talking about it with the evidence that its true. So I decided to write about this a finally give evidence that its all rumors and that's it.

RockmanII73209d ago

Guys, Acti will never put a fee on CoD with a major Halo game coming out the same year. If anything, I think Acti might charge you to pay $15 to play online but will put a code in every new copy so it only effects people who bought it used.

ReservoirDog3163208d ago

Yup, I think it's gonna happen with the next CoD though.

sonicriderZG83209d ago

Wasn't this already confirmed a looonnggg time ago? I thought we were all passed this by now.

hudsoniscool3208d ago

if they anounce a subscription plan a month after the game comes out i will be so pissed. they keep saying there wont be one and they better not be lieing.

RedDead3208d ago

I think that's against the law, it wouldn't be what you originally paid for. Which is free multiplayer online

finbars753208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

I agree with you on this one.I think thats excatley what will happen.Think about what would happen to the sales of this game if Activision was going to charge for online.Its going to drive the revenue up now that they said its not going to happen but Activision always has something up there evil sleves and that is why I think they will start charging by the end of the year to pull everyone in and then close there mouths down on all that money.

BX813208d ago

I'm sure they will add a fee not for online but for extras

SpitFireAce853208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

start with those $15 codes so you can play the MP
part of the game if its a used copy.Or just buy the
game new and pay retail.

BX813208d ago

Yeah I gotta say I purchase about 97% of my games new, unless I'm purchasing it for a second time. I can understand the extra fee included to get online features if you buy it used. I just don't agree with being able to purchase better weapons and equipment then those same players get put into a lobby with people who don't. It messes up the whole balance of the game imo.

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