This Week in Gaming Sales History (August 8 - 14)

VGChartz - "This week we are taking a look at the beginning of the current generation, the week of 11 August 2007. This was a time when the Xbox 360 still had the console lead over the Wii; however that would only last one more week when the Wii passes it and it would become the fastest selling console of all time. The PlayStation 3 and Wii were only nine months old at the time and the PS3 was not even released six months ago in Europe. When it comes to major releases Halo 3 was a month away, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Super Mario Galaxy were 3 months away."

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Spectator13208d ago

Interesting looking back, particularly given where the console race is are now ^^

bmw693208d ago

Yeah you can't quite believe how far ahead Wii was back then...

Duke_Silver3208d ago

these articles are always interesting. The Wii needs another price cut possibly?

naznatips3208d ago

Nice to see the industry has balanced some now, where everyone can get strong sales.

Rubang3208d ago

The most successful Mario Party game ever, the first with motion controls... and sadly the last... we will miss you Mario Party. In fact, Mario Party 8 is the most successful game of all time that has "Party" in the title! What a great ending for a series.

Now let the age of Wii Party begin!

bmw693208d ago

Yeah I have a feeling that Wii Party will basically be carrying the Mario Party brand on now...

gameseveryday3208d ago

I still remember the good old days when the ps3 was its a diff story.