Mafia 2 - Final Build Screenshots

These first eight pictures were posted by Gamespot on August 6th and they are showing the final build of the game, which looks alot better than the demo as you can see the grass and less jaggies plus more vivid colors.

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@Hallmark Moment
Press what button??? :)

blind-reaper4682d ago

I bet he is pressing that button desperately (the "Get out" button)

Johnny_Bravo4681d ago

That screen is from the PC version being played with a PS3 controller.

See the grass in that screen?

Yea, not in the actual gameplay footage of the PS3. Neither is the motion blur that is in those screens, that is actually in the PC version.

It only does PC screens.

fuckoffodion4681d ago

you're an idiot. That's not from the PC version. You're just a moron.

TABSF4681d ago


The Images or the Video does not have particle affects or APEX its PS3

PS3 and 360 will not have lasting particle affects or APEX clothe physics

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morganfell4681d ago

Exactly. And the fact we are seeing exclusive DLC is just icing on the cake.

ian724681d ago

Played the PS3 demo and it was quite poor graphically, with loads of jaggies and some poor framerate while shooting in the warehouse. Graphically, these PS3 photo's look like a totally different game. They look a lot better than the demo. Hope the framerate is better on finished game. Why do they put out a demo that is so poor compared to the finished game, you'd think they'd want to show off the best of the game, not the worst.

gman_moose4681d ago (Edited 4681d ago )

As much as I want them to be, it's just not happening. GS made a mistake. EDIT one of those images has a triangle button on it, so maybe its possible, but how does the game change so dramatically from demo to final release?

-SIXAXIS-4681d ago

Because the demos that devs usually put up are the ones that were used at previous events like E3. These versions are like their beta versions.

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Count4682d ago

I'm sure this'll cut down on a lot of complaining.


T9X694682d ago

This certainly does help, but my main issue was shooting with R2. I HATE that with a passion, and there is no option to change it.

GiggMan4682d ago

Which is the reason that if I were to get this (which I doubt)I would pick up the 360 version.

Glad to see both versions are up to par visually.

Sunny_D4682d ago

There is a possible solution where you can get a real Trigger add on for the R2/L2. They sell them really cheap.

STONEY44682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

My problem isn't the trigger itself (I'm fine using it for racing games or grenades), but shooting with R2 just feels... weird. I've always preferred R1 for my shooting.

Simon_Brezhnev4682d ago

im with t9x69 and stoney4 i really wish R1 was 2 shoot.

raztad4682d ago

The main problem with the demo is not "TEH GRAZZ", it is the unstable framerate, and ridiculous tearing, specially in the beginning, when you are doing nothing. R2 for shooting sucks big time, I seriously dislike it, and dont understand why multiplatform devels insist in implementing it on the PS3. However in the demo I was able to enjoy the shooting, so I just need the game to have a more consistent 30-ish fps framerate and no tearing.

jack_burt0n4682d ago

The ps3 has alot less tearing than the 360, I know on the first floor of the building that catches fire the ps3 version hits 15fps for a small section but thats pretty isolated for me.

In terms of the pc version, bit gutted my built on a very small budget a while ago 9800gtx+oc'sli fall flat on their face with physx its painfully crap, without it on the game looks good not great imo.

table4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

because of the ds3 design, R1 fits naturally for your finger to use for shooting. In the same way, RT on the 360 feels natural for the design of its controller. It's a lazy error to set R2 as default shoot on the ps3 without customisation. You would never see RB used to shoot on the 360.

talltony4681d ago

order this one asap! It comes out at the end of the month and it looks to have excellent triggers.

Boody-Bandit4681d ago

That Raven controller looks decent.
I preordered one.

talltony4681d ago

I ordered it because of the triggers and I will use it with gt5.

Man In Black4681d ago

I've got that add-on, but it still doesn't feel quite right. Letting us remap the shooting to R1 and L1 would be much better.

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nickjkl4682d ago

i think im the only one that likes shooting with r2

big_silky4682d ago

I do too, especially when using those "real trigger" attachments or whatever they're called.

tinybigman4682d ago

shooting with R2 when playing the demo last night, it seemed pretty normal and comfortable to me.

boodybandit4682d ago

I have zero issues using R2 to shoot with on the DS3.
Never has been an issue.

nickjkl4682d ago

at least im not the only one

moparful994681d ago

I have no issues with R2 as the fire button it's just that I'm used to the L1,R1 setup in most third person games like resident evil 5, uncharted, gears of war and so on... It's just a bit odd using r2.

ian724681d ago

I don't see any problem using R2 to shoot. Some people don't like change and like complaining.

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hennessey864681d ago

and ill get the best version on offer but have you seen how much better the pc version is. The next generation cant come soon enough

cobblestone194682d ago

It looks much better than the demo!

Chris_TC4681d ago

There's just one problem: the original size of these screenshots is 1920x1200

So unless the PS3 works in 1200p now, these screenshots are from a PC version.

jack_burt0n4682d ago


If u were to believe the inbred single console owners on this site, the ps3 version was shat out by big foot and mailed in by neo nazis play all the versions u inbreds.

GiggMan4682d ago

It only does everything..... Including grass.

Xx Ziyad xX4681d ago

Xbox 360 virson has more grass so it not the only one

OSU_Gamer4682d ago

I own both consoles and I think the PS3 is by far better, but you and I saw the same articles showing the huge differences.

Bottomline: Judging from the completely conflicting articles, we can't tell until the game comes out. Until then, this articles is as reliable as the others.

I will be getting th PS3 version so I do hope its the same.

SoSLy4682d ago

PS3 version is better imo cause it comes with an exclusive DLC

GiggMan4682d ago

You get exclusive DLC and grass?

No brainer!

big_silky4682d ago

In all fairness the ps3 fanboys did the same thing with FF13 and a few others.

nycredude4682d ago

Yeah but the digitalfoundry did a detail comparison of the final builds of FF13 and the 360 was clearly inferior. Probably due to space limitations.

Duke Spookem4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Xbots got owned yet again

neoandrew4682d ago

I have a PC > owned all... again!

Mmmkay4682d ago

wow, you surf the interwebz with a pc? you must be the only one...

Baka-akaB4682d ago

again it's as if a prius and a regular bmw were having an argument and contest , and out the blue some ferrari prick came to shout "ima betta zan Hall of Jooo!!"

I mean who cares ? Arent you supposed to always be the superior version for multiplatform games ?

evrfighter4681d ago

but when the ferrari comes out and lol's at you. the bmw and prius drivers both hang their head down cause they know its true.