Where Is Rock Band Pearl Jam?

via Rane Pollock of P*N, "If we do see them sneak the game out in September, it will be overshadowed by Rock Band 3, not to mention every other huge game coming out that month. Dooming it to fail in this way is a disservice to the band and to the fans. Harmonix could be holding the game for an early 2011 release, which would give them time to make it compatible with the new instruments and Pro Mode."

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xxxAnubisxxx3204d ago

I've been wondering about this as well. But I've had high hopes that they were just going to wait for Pro mode with RB3 and give PJ the Pro support.... here's to hoping.

ExplosionSauce3204d ago

I still think that dedicating a game to just one band isn't the best of ideas.

Christopher3204d ago

I think it works as DLC Albums. Agree with you with regards to off-the-shelf packages.

TheLastGuardian3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Everybody has different but personally I would rather see a Pearl Jam track pack. Most bands just don't have enough good songs for a whole game. The Beatles do, There is not a song by the beatles that I don't like. Green Day did but they didn't include some of the better albums who cares about 21st century breakdown? I would glady shell out $60 for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, ELO or Nirvana Rock Band.

GeminiAce3204d ago

Pearl Jam have more than enough great songs to fill a game. And that game could have 75 songs, not 43 like The Beatles or Green Day.