Konami opens signups for PES 2011 beta

Konami have opened signups for an upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 beta, allowing players to register for the chance to try out this year's footie game months in advance of release.

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Thrungus3210d ago

Man hope Konami step up and buy me some new trousers.

wintendowin3210d ago

get the sand out of your ass, you fanboy.

comp_ali3210d ago

Where is the PC beta you #@#@%. I hope they fix the online lag and Put the damn PC version on steam or any digital vendor.

wintendowin3210d ago

HAHAHAH not on wii? fucking idiots

Rampaged Death3210d ago

I hope they have got back on form this year. From what I've seen they are getting closer.

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The story is too old to be commented.