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Eric of writes:

"EA Sports decided to go in a new direction this year by creating a game that simplifies the formula for newcomers or for those returning to the franchise after a long break. To accomplish this they’ve introduced a few new features, one of which is called GameFlow that not only simplifies the play calling but also cuts the play time in half. Although casual football fans will love this feature, the hardcore fans will not and they might also feel like this year’s Madden wasn’t made for them at all."

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dwightmccarthy3204d ago

Def not the madden for me but i still might get it only because my friends might actually play it with me this year.

tigresa3204d ago

Damn finally someone willing to recognize that if there aren't enough updates it's not an instant 10/10. But alas people buy it anyway every year so there's probably less incentive to make amazing changes (and little to make in the first place). Great review though.

rrquinta3204d ago

I agree. I understand wanting to cater to a broader audience by simplifying things, but it seems a shame for them to alienate their hardcore fans, those who probably will be more likely than the casual gamer (at least in my opinion) to buy the game every year rather than just every few years. But I'm not really a sports gamer, so maybe I don't know what I'm talking about, lol.

Snarkasaur3204d ago

This review would be great, if it weren't Madden, and it weren't The Herp.

starlin3204d ago

I agree. Bring back franchise mode! I would have given it a 8/10.

K-Tuck3204d ago

Last Madden I played was 04