Wii 2: what we want and what we'll get

Recently Nintendo happily announced that the Wii had moved 30 million units in the United States, and the rumor mill was more than happy to take the opportunity to make some announcements of their own. In addition to renewing their promises that we'll see more information "next year", people are saying that the Wii 2 is going to have a Blu-ray drive installed into it.

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darkcharizard3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Blu-ray will be a feature in Wii's successor for storage and piracy purposes. This guy's a nut!

JsonHenry3205d ago

I agree. Blu-ray will be standard for the next Nintendo product.

I do think they are going to go with a less than stellar graphics chip and CPU again.

Yi-Long3205d ago

... as long as it's HD with obviously HDMI-output (or better), backwards compatible, has a built-in HDD and wifi, and most of all, I really hope it will just be bundled with Mario Galaxy 1 and/or 2.

The reason i never picked up a Wii is because of the lack of a bundle that I'm interested in. I'm not interested in the wavy-wavy crapware, but Mario Galaxy is amazing. I can't understand why Nintendo never released a Wii-bundle for gamers who just want to play 'traditional' games, but I hope when the next one comes, they will have bundles for both kinds of players.

jack_burt0n3205d ago

means sony gets a chunk of cash everytime they make a sale on the hardware and on every game.

pippoppow3205d ago

Not so sure. If Sony and MS release consoles with motion controls out the box and if Nintendo's next console is basically a Wii2 then they may be forced to come out with a console at least close to the competitions specs. Thatts if they want the best 3rd party games to go to their console as well.

Would love for Nintendo to come out with a console to rival the others and create more Teen+ to mature type games. I think most would love to see a Nintendo of old (SNES days). Although with Nintendo you can never tell what they will come out with next.

Theonik3205d ago

I think Nintendo swallowed it's pride when they released the Wii. I mean the Wii uses DVD from which both Sony and MS gets a share. (MS and Sony are members of the BD and the DVD associations)They made the mistake to ignore media tendances twice in the past with the N64 not using CD and the NGC not using DVD but a Nintendo, alteration to save the subscription to the DVD association.

As for realism i'm not sure Nitnendo will go with BD on their next console but is more likely to seek a online distribution, or cartridges if they want to fight piracy. BD is already hacked after all.

stragomccloud3205d ago

Either bluray, holographic data storage, a patent that Nintendo has. Look it up!

Holographic data storage might not make it to next gen either though...

Either way, I'm betting that if anything, their next system will sport graphics better than PS3, but will likely lag significantly behind what PS4 and Xbox 720 will provide. Still, hopefully next generation will at least be close enough graphically, as to allow better multiplatform development between ALL three next gen consoles. A veritable trifecta of awesome goodness!

Captain_Sony3205d ago

Sony seriously has a patent for tech for reading peoples minds. I dont see it popping up in PS4 or any future console though.
Companies make patents all the time and never have anything to show for it. Just look at all the lawsuits Sony, and Nintendo got into at the beginning of this gen.
While Nintendo might have patent some form of holographic storage, it may never be made into a commercial product.

turok3205d ago

... an absolute moron if ya think blu ray will make it to the next nintendo console that will succeed the wii. basing this on the time of the gamecube, they sure as hell avoided paying up for that dvd and went the route of some propriety minidvd.

As far as I know about nintendo it wud be ludicrous for them to take blu ray mark my words they will have an alternative to blu-ray.

Theonik3205d ago

I actually forgot about that. And yes Nintendo's next system will almost definitely be on-par or even superior to the PS3 given how much cheaper hardware is today Vs in 2005-2006. Unfortunately though Nintendo won't be able to keep up with the 720/PS4 if they launch later. Wether it gets ports or not will depend on Nintendo's strategy. (and how the other 2 go as far as support is concerned because i doubt devs will push the 720/PS4 right away until development on them is cost effective)

fatstarr3205d ago

Nintendo will never have a blueray drive
because sony wont let that happen

the revenge theory from the snes days
holds true

Nes cartridge
snes Cartridge
N64 cartridge
GC Mini dvd
Wii2 = new form of tech.

jack_burt0n3205d ago

No sony own 40% of the bd alliance lol which means they are the controlling party with matsushita at no 2 with like 20% AFAIK.

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Non_sequitur3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

I guess he doesn't know Sony does more than gaming. Sony's laptops have Microsoft(yes, the same MS that competes with Sony's PS) products in them like Windows.

nickjkl3205d ago

ps3 is 299

with a hard drive wifi blu ray drive blue tooth

im expecting the wii to have wifi less powerful cpu less power gpu selling for 299 with 4gb of flash memory

that is all it could cost less be more efficient that a ps3 and they can sell it for way above what its worth

ElementX3206d ago

What I want is fewer "Things ____ needs to have" and what I get is just the opposite.

tunaks13205d ago

the only thing that needs to be changed is 1 FC or username for all games,
backward compatibility for wii games, and some upscaling and AA for wii games.
No achievements BS, no subscription online.

turok3205d ago

a Wise man in n4g u be. bubbles+ for ye.

sxpacks3205d ago

Wii 2:
1) Updated Wii Sensor Bar. More like a webcam and less like a bar
2) Updated Wii control scheme to compliment new webcam. Because waggle just isn't cutting it
3) More online integration
4) More DSI integration
5) Updated Graphics - Game cube graphics chip can't last forever
6) Drop Gamecube support

stragomccloud3205d ago (Edited 3205d ago )

Really? Drop gamecube support? Really? I don't know about you, but I love popping Windwaker, Eternal Darkness, and Tales of Symphonia every now and then. That's like hoping that PS4 drops PS2 support. Oh wait, PS3 did that with every console revision since the first.... besides the 80gb model.

SactoGamer3205d ago

I don't think I've played a gamecube game in my Wii since I got the system more than two years ago.

cult_of_N3205d ago

I want COMPLETE backwards compatibility! Everything from Game boy to Wii games. The other day I was really thinking about how much I missed my old Game Boy Advanced player on the Gamecube.

SactoGamer3205d ago

Don't forget the Super GameBoy device for the SNES.

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