Batman Vs. Spider-Man Adaptation Arms Race

Though coming from different universes, there are undeniable similarities regarding their origins. Having a super-hero showdown, who would emerge victorious? GameZone takes a look at their past gaming exploits to decide who is the winner.

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Blaze9293208d ago

I'm choosing Spider-Man everytime over batman

Corepred43208d ago

Then you, my friend, would be wrong everytime! = P lol Batman all the way.

R2D23208d ago

Bat cape deploy....I said Bat cape (SPLAT).

UnSelf3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

ok lets no do this...

cmon its Spiderman, just becuz Batman is the coolest hero in superhero existence doesnt mean much here, i mean its Spiderman

cyborg69713208d ago

Batman kicked the Crap outa superman a few times. And has a book of weaknesses on everyone in the jla. Spiderman has no chance.

Caspel3208d ago

so did Lex Luthor... so not much of a claim.

BigPappaPump3208d ago (Edited 3208d ago )

You sir, need to read up on Spiderman. Bats have nothing for Spidey. If Doom's and Ironman's gadgets can't stop spidey, Batman wouldn't fare better. Doom and Stark are considered super geniuses in the MU. BTW Bat's need anything that has kryptonite to kick Superman's ass.

Caspel3208d ago

Spider-Man and Batman have the best rogues gallery in all of comics.

tmj3208d ago

Batman wins, everytime.

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The story is too old to be commented.