appVersity Review: Aqua Moto 2 Review – an intense and worthy water racing sequel

appversity writes: "The typical sequel has never received much respect. From movies to music, sequels have a tendency to underperform especially after successful debuts. That’s why my expectations were somewhat tempered when I heard about Resolution Interactive’s Aqua Moto 2. I can honestly say that the sequel was not only worth the wait, but delivers a nifty yet intense water racer to keep you on the edge of your Bahama shorts."

"Graphically, Aqua Moto 2 is a visual stunner offering different backdrops from clear blue water to the sandy shores along with daylight and dusk lighting based in the Tropics, Greece and Egypt. With 48 courses (keep in mind it’s 24 with a mirror mode), each of the venues offer tracks classified by difficulty level—easy, medium and hard. And in general, the game offers those same levels of difficulty in terms of the degree of aggression of competing racers."

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