Fewer Major Games For PSP This Fall, A Sign Of Decline

Are you a PSP fan? Then this fall wont be as exciting as you might have thought it would have been. Need for Speed wont happen this fall, neither will Sims and Star Wars The Force Unleashed.

Some of the previous games you might have found on PSP will skip the handheld and others will just take a break. You might not take this too serious but the only thing thats weird is that the same games will still be made for the Nintendo DS and the iPhone.

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jay23203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

No, most likely PSP 2 time.
@RIPSKATEDESTROY: Just a feeling.


interesting thought. what makes you say that?

Hitman07693203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Yeah it's the 500 pretend spoofs that have appeared, that really has me sold, it's coming... (sarcasm).

The PSP actually has MORE games coming down the line but okay..

kevco333203d ago

The PSP's line-up has been pretty slow for a while. It's just there to keep Sony's place in the market while they get a successor ready, much like the original Xbox was for Microsoft in Japan (though let's hope the PSP2 does better than the 360's doing over there!).


any news on when the psp2 is arriving?